Capcom set to 'get serious' on Monster Hunter's European marketing

Japanese publisher Capcom is set to ramp up promotion for its Monster Hunter series in Europe, in an attempt to ape the success of the series in the East.

The producer of the PSP Monster Hunter titles, which outsold Wii Fit and Pokémon Diamond in Japan last year, has told MCV that Capcom will focus on promoting the brand before the next title is released in the PAL territories.

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ThanatosDMC3785d ago

They should! I'm all for it. They need to pump Monster Hunter games in my blood stream!

GWAVE3785d ago

Monster Hunter is without a doubt one of Capcom's best game franchise (and one of their most overlooked).

Seriously. Get a group of four people together, each with a PSP and a copy of MHF2 and tell me with a straight face that the game isn't fun or addictive. I had 475+ hours put into MHF2 until I transferred my save file over to 2ndG (Freedom Unite) I'm 100 hours into 2nd G and still going strong.

SpoonyRedMage3785d ago

Yer come on Capcom, make it awesome and get the sales and then turn to everyone who said 3rd partys can't do well on the Wii and slap them with your big wad of cash!

Sorry, got a bit carried away there.

v1c1ous3785d ago

hell, make it for ps3, and i'll buy a ps3 THE DAY OF THE ANNOUNCEMENT.

i'm still going to buy it for Wii.

BUT...i am PRAYING TO THE VIDEOGAME GODS the HD twins see some sort of version.

my hdtv beckons some high definition monster hunting.