Eurogamer: SingStar: Past, Present and Future

Sony is justifiably proud of SingStar. It's sold over 17 million units. Over 4 million songs have been bought and downloaded. It's also almost universally adored by critics. Everyone at Eurogamer plays SingStar, for example, often to the exclusion of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. SingStar's brilliant, and it's a success. So it's slightly bizarre that the highest score it's ever had on Metacritic, across 26 individual disc releases, is 82, with the majority languishing in the mid-70s, if not lower.

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Parapraxis3785d ago

Some highlights from the interview, note: this is an interview from a UK based magazine so a lot of the answers are more specific to the UK SingStar users, although there is always some things that follow onto the NA just happens much later

" The good news is that SingStar fans won't have to wait that long again
to see other improvements. Ranyard can't talk publicly about new song
packs (although we've been told what they are, and they are awesome)"

Hopefully we start getting a few more song packs in NA.

"...voice control update, which launches with SingStar Vol. 4 later this
month, and will also be available as a free download for PS3 owners"

It seems unclear if this will be on the disc or a downloadable patch from that statement, however they claimed it would be for all versions of SingStar on PS3, so I expect a patch.

Oh, and it seems Vol. 4 is releasing this month in the UK....meanwhile we wait for Vol.3 in NA.

""I'm happy to say we'll look at new gameplay modes," says Ranyard. "The
Store as well - as far as I'm concerned that can benefit from feature
development just like anything else, so as content increases we may
well work on the storefront... We do have a new section to the
storefront coming called SingStar Extras where you can buy, or get for
free, other things than just songs, so that's where you might buy
features in the future, or you might get the features for free." He
says to keep an eye out for announcements at E3."

Please make an extra feature that allows me to TURN DOWN the menu music and score music after playing's way too bloody loud!

"So how are songs chosen, then, and how do they end up on SingStore? "We
have evaluation criteria, so if a song's got a two-minute instrumental
in the middle, it's perhaps not a great SingStar song. It's really
simple things like that... But having said that, sometimes the artist
and the song are so loved by the fanbase that you might be forgiving of
one or two of those things because it's an absolute classic.""

2 minute breaks are FINE, I can have a drink and enjoy the vid, seriously, I want the rest of my Don MacLean American Pie song!

"As for who actually picks the songs, there are offices in places like
Spain, Portugal and Germany who submit wishlists. "We don't necessarily
have one place that picks all the songs," says Ranyard. "We tend to use
marketing departments, for example, because they obviously know what
their territory wants, what consumers want.""

I guess that explains very clearly WHY there is terrible representation for North Americans huh?

SONY!!! Do something about this!

" to be licensed...takes up to 12 weeks
for the team of five people whose job it is to sort it all out."

That's no reason NOT to have more current songs.

"He (Ranyard) doesn't want to comment on whether full-length video recordings will
be introduced in a future round of updates, which probably means they
will be."

That would be cool, yet it seems unlikely, it would make the servers even slower than they are now!