IncGamers: Broken Sword: Shadow Of The Templars DS Review

IncGamers' Spanner Spencer checks out the DS version of the PC adventure classic.

"Which brings us to Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – The Director's Cut (forgive me for chopping it off and calling it Broken Sword from here on in). You'd be quite right to be curious as to how a game can pull off a director's cut, but thanks to the sterling work done when developing the game's characters 13 years ago, this all new DS iteration of the classic adventure game does indeed host the scope for extra, unobtrusive content."

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Maticus3790d ago

Another quality title for the DS, nice one :)

Leord3790d ago

Very cool. I was actually looking for a new DS game as I have a long journey coming up =)

Leord3790d ago

BTW, that's a very weird picture?

Fyzzu3790d ago

Loved Broken Sword. This sounds like it's worth a purchase, though I'm not sure whether to get it on Wii or DS...

yog-sothot3790d ago

Cool, I bought this one for the DS, I purchased the second episode on GoodOldGames and I've downloaded the free "broken sword 2.5" made by fans... Good old adventure games overdose spotted