New Gran Turismo probably on PS2, not PC

Gamezine: Sony want new Gran Turismo's to be released on as many platforms as possible, but it's doubtful that they're talking about PCs.

We know that a full PlayStation 3 release of Gran Turismo 5 is coming when Polyphony Digital are finally able to finish the damned thing and we also know that the team are working on a PSP title. However, SCEA's John Koller is hinting that other platforms might be involved...

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Hallucinate3785d ago

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i highly doubt it would be released on ps2..psp maybe but they want to push ps2 owners to buy a ps3..and GT5 would do that
....but then again on the other hand they would still make money..maybe even more cause the ps2 version will..undoubtly just be a demo

TOO PAWNED3785d ago

well that's it. PSP version will also be for PS2, just like Jak:LF is, just like Motorstorm PSP is also for PS2. It's free money and sony needs money

singhjeet293785d ago

I do agree, to really push the PS3 platform, a simply exclusive GT5 would do that. It is sony's best selling franchise, with a very dedicated following.

Even if Sony wanted to move it to other platforms, I think its really stupid of them to publicize it from a business standpoint.

Scelestus3785d ago

... is far too large a market to ignore and the venerable console needs some ammo to fight the Wii(let's face it, it's a Gamecube).
I guess all the PC/360 owners will go back to claiming how far superior Grid is now.

PS. I love the Gamecube ;)

velaxun3785d ago

I never saw this hitting PC in the first place, but a (near) identical psp/ps2 release makes a lot of sense

DeadlyFire3785d ago

Why not PC? Its not like its impossible to put stuff on the PC for Sony. They do it all the time with MMOs why not bring a few PS exclusives to the PC platform? At some point they will start making some games PS/PC. Its only a matter of how long. I say within about 5-10 years we will see at least one non MMO from Sony on PS/PC platform.

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PirateThom3785d ago

As I had noted, Gran Turismo for Boys was scrapped so development could move to PS3 for GT5.

Why not release a casual/kids version of Gran Turismi on a console that is that cheap now?

techie3785d ago

IMO any PSP game that's made seems to end up on the PS2. Too easy to do.

Ischan3785d ago

PS2 and PSP install base will be the major consideration here.
PS3 will be the grand result of next Grand Turismo.
Interconnection of those platform will be the challenge.

" as much as possible in any platform"...that's what I heard.

jams_shop3785d ago

GT5 could be like MLB the show where each Sony system gets its own version and the ps3 get the superior version.

jkhan3785d ago

NO Sony is soo clever that they will put there best selling franchise on a pc. Like Microsoft will put Halo 3 on ps3s. I mean seriously who in his right mind thought it would ever be coming on PCs?

onijutsu3785d ago

yer its like halo 4 is a windows 7 exclusive :D

PirateThom3785d ago

Well, with all those Sony games on PC, it was obvious...


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The story is too old to be commented.