Wii System Update 4.0 – hands on

DoFuss says: "The Wii 4.0 software update was recently released. I held off on installing it because my Wi-Fi connection is a pain to set up, but having heard a lot of good things online I plugged in the Nintendo USB Wi-Fi connector and (after reinstalling the Nintendo drivers twice) got it up and running.

Upon restarting the Wii initial impressions were good. There were the usual media and internet improvements, but bar a quick look at the internet channel to test them I probably won't be using them again. More striking was the improved SD card support with inclusion of a new icon in the bottom left corner of the Wii channel screen. Clicking this takes you to a new SD card channel where you can launch games directly from the card (but not access save data). A huge advance over the previous card support which required you to juggle data between the card and Wii's internal memory once you exceeded the 512MB capacity. This change addresses once of the primary issue gamers had with the system (its lack of storage) and allows the possibility of more complete integration of DLC for games.

Nintendo has addressed hardcore gamer's main complaint in this update, but behind the scenes they screwed them."

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