Tales of Vesperia PS3 Site Launches

SCRAWL: "Namco Bandai Japan has launched the official website for the recently announced PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia. Right now, the site features nothing on it besides an animation of the image you see in the post and some text at the bottom. We're expecting the full thing to launch soon, though."

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Kain813793d ago

there are a new Character the Pirate Girl.
there are additional new side Quests and some new Locations in the PS3 version

TheAntiFanboy3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Sahweet. Bought it once for 360, now I get to buy it again for PS3!

Ahh, the joys of obsessive-compulsive gaming.

zoneofenders3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

○追加された台本は「前回(Xbox 360版)録ったのと同じくらいの量」になる

The new additional script will be the same amount of the original script for Xbox360.

full voice acting for the main story.

and of course new 秘奥義(i am not sure how this was translated in english... ultimate special move?)

wow what a rip off of xbox 360 users.

Obama3793d ago

I wonder if it will have the Japanese VA and English subtitles option?

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Baba19063793d ago

i would like to see this in europe. guess that will take some more time. still waiting for white knight story.

PirateThom3793d ago

Good luck, Tales of Vesperia isn't out for 360 in Europe yet!

Flipfito3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

so is NOT? an april fool's what other announcement from april 1st real?

PirateThom3793d ago

This wasn't an April Fool's announcement. It was in Jump magazine, but people got the early copies on April 1st, posted on the internet and were assumed to be trying to fool people.

gaffyh3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Jak & Daxter PSP/PS2 was also real

EDIT: Also where is pumpkinpunker, he chastised me cos he thought I was being gullible on April 1 cos we believed ToV would be coming to PS3. Only reason I believed it was because I saw the scans, he still though it was an April Fool's Joke...

Kamikaze1353793d ago

The Wii Tales game, the Tales of VS game were also real. Jax and Daxter for the PSP and PS2 were real as well. There were more announcements, but I can't remember what they were.

gaffyh3793d ago

Also Syberia 3 PS3/PC was real

jadenkorri3793d ago

everyone been saying this game wouldn't come to ps3, my friends were like it will never come...ive said since day 1 of the 360 release it will be on the ps3, long before Eteranl sonata even released on ps3.. thou its disapppointing we have to wait a year, ive already bought tales of vesperia on the 360 when fable 2 came out, got 20 hrs in rrod, returned 360, started over, not sure where i am, but its now being traded in, ill wait for the ps3 version now, not going to finish it twice...Next Jrpg Star Ocean 4, Last Hope

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[email protected]3793d ago

Nice, I might if the Japanese version may include the US tracks or English support as text too. But, I can't wait for the US release ^^

Kamikaze1353793d ago

Especially since there's already an English translation.

[email protected]3793d ago

I really hope so pal'

I might, trophies will include on this one right? or are gonna be the same as the xbox360 achievements??? Well, I really, really hope so.

Gue13793d ago

Wee need something better than this... Some White Knight Chronicle maybe?

Montrealien3793d ago

From what I am seeing, white knight chronicles looks decent, however if you are looking for a good solid JRPG, this is it. Its a great game, if your don`t have a 360 however have a PS3 and want a good JRPG, this is good news for you.

I can`t wait to actually try white knight chronicles though, I loved Rogue Galaxy, it was amazing.

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