Console Monster: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

Console Monster writes: "Wanted, released in cinemas last year, was an all out, balls-to-the-walls action film. It was a stupid action film. The perfect film to sit back with some popcorn and have a good time. It wasn't the next Citizen Kane or A Clockwork Orange, but it was a damn good film regardless. And that is the sensibility you need to have coming into Wanted: Weapons of Fate, the video game sequel to the film. If you have read the comic book, forget all about that because the only similarity is the costume Wesley dons about halfway through the game. Wanted: Weapons of Fate is, just like the film, an all out, balls-to-the-walls action game.

Of course, being a sequel to the film, you will have to know what exactly happened in the film. As such, if you've not seen the film skip the next paragraph while I spoil it all in an effort to explain what the heck is happening in the game..."

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