TVG Review: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

TVG writes:

"Even appreciated solely as a game, with absolutely no reference to the film or comics, Wanted is very bad indeed. Let's just look at it by the numbers for a second: there's a main campaign that's no more than three hours in length, no multiplayer modes to speak of, and you don't play with anything other than a pistol for the first five acts. That's pretty shocking for a third-person shooter by modern standards and actually boarders on criminal negligence when you consider that the game's RRP is £39.99.

And then there's the bog-standard AI, which does little more than repeatedly move into cover and periodically pop out of it to shoot at you. The level scripting is also dire, moving you from one room to the next filled with the same NPCs, performing the same boring AI routines, before culminating in a boss battle if you're lucky. These boss battles are completely flat, rarely showing much more variation than the fact that you have to shoot at them more than standard enemies before they die. You'll even be stopped from approaching bosses with an invisible barrier at times."

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