NintendoLife Review: Nintendo DSI Browser

NintendoLife writes:

"The Nintendo DS Browser was released around three years ago on October 6th 2006 for the Nintendo DS and the then newly released Nintendo DS Lite. The release garnered a great deal of hype - after all it was the first application of it's kind for the Nintendo DS and offered users a chance to use their machines for something other than gaming; something that has became increasingly common on the DS platform in recent times. The browser retailed at the same price as a regular Nintendo DS game and came complete with the Memory Expansion Pak, which added around 8mb of RAM needed for the web-browsing experience. Overall it's fair to say that the whole proposition was underwhelming; loading times were nightmarish, many websites did not render properly and the general presentation of the package left a lot to be desired, especially considering the relatively high price of the software."

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