VideoGamer Preview: Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

VideoGamer writes:

"Thanks to the new Alchemy engine, MUA 2 will also look a lot better than its older brother. Footage from the early levels in Latveria show well over thirty characters scrapping on-screen at once, and the Havoc-fuelled destruction effects look pretty nice too - especially during Fusion powers or when someone throws a vehicle at an enemy. In general the action looks slick, and there are some nice touches to the audio too: "Medium or well done?" enquires The Torch, shortly before roasting another hapless henchman.

Since we really rather enjoyed the first Ultimate Alliance, we're more than receptive to the idea of a decent sequel. It's early days yet, but Vicarious Visions seems to be focusing on honing and refining the strong points of the first game. The use of the Civil War plot seems like an interesting choice, while the Fusion system has the potential to provide the one thing that was sorely lacking from the last outing - a sense of teamwork."

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