Gran Turismo "to continue on as many platforms as possible," PC gamers have large party

VG247: SCEA marketing head John Koller has dropped a heavy hint that Gran Turismo's future may not be limited to just PSP and PS3.

"[Polyphony Digital] report directly into our CEO, Kaz Hirai, so it's a little bit of a 'wait and see'," the exec told VG247 when asked when we can expect to see GT5.

"But we look for that franchise to continue on as many platforms as possible."

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sinncross3788d ago

I honestly don't see it happening, unless the PC version is lacing in many features.

Also the PC version was with the Chinese market in mind - I think the idea was to get a country which is mainly computer playing (I presume) to consider buying the PS3, the PC version is like a teaser.

So in many respects I can see GT5: Prologue going to PC, but perhaps not with as many features (cars/ tracks etc) as the final Prologue product will have for PS3 owners.

Placing Gt5 on PC could essentially mean a loss of a great chunk of the market for the PS3. Yamauchi also has a position at Sony, not just Polyphony, he would understand that GT5 has the potential to increase the PS3's growth exceptionally.

As for the PSP version, I do feel that GT4Mobile is no longer in effect, but rather a version of GT5, whereby users will be able to participate in online races cross platform.

But for now, bring on the next update for Prologue!!!!!

Hydrolex3788d ago

except the 360

Sony would not let them release that for 360

fanboys start to disagree

theKiller3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

that settled the whole argument, there wont be any GT on other playstation platforms!!! because its only possible/allowed to be developed on sony platforms since they own the IP and it had a huge success with sony!

ohhh please, dont say it will come on PC, PC market is almost dead and all exclusive games for PC dont sell except if it was MMO/MMORPG

Rock Bottom3788d ago

True that, and the only reason MMOs sell well on PCs is because they can't be pirated.

njmzhang3788d ago

I don't think releasing a PC version in Chinese market makes any sense.
I'm Chinese and I know most PC gamers in China play pirate version. But there are a lot of Chinese PS3 users and most of them will buy PS3 version GT5.

psycho3603788d ago

@killer "that settled the whole argument, there wont be any GT on other playstation platforms!!! because its only possible/allowed to be developed on sony platforms since they own the IP and it had a huge success with sony! "

What are you smoking? The sentence says that they will look for that franchise to continue on as many platforms as possible and yet you are rambling on about it not being developed on any other platform. Did you magically saw in between his lines?

Pls explain your theory of exclusivity.

SaiyanFury3788d ago

I seriously doubt that Sony would let one of it's developers make games outside of it's standard province. The PSP, PS2, and PS3 are the main focus of Sony's developers. Polyphony Digital has been a Sony developer for over 10 years, I find it hard to think they'd develop for non-Sony platforms. Just a personal interpretation, but I doubt they'd make games outside the PlayStation family.

callahan093788d ago

Isn't John Koller the same guy that said MAG is an iteration of SOCOM, and then the next day Sony have another publicist come out and correct him and say that it's NOT an iteration of SOCOM?


i dont see this happening seeing that Polyphony Digital Inc. is a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Perjoss3788d ago

at least pc version would have full screen anti aliasing

DJ3788d ago

PS3 already does that on GT5 Prologue.

WIIIS13788d ago

You can just feel the fear here ha! So... would you PS3 fanboys get the superior version on the PC...?

Cenobia3787d ago

Do you buy all your xbox "exclusives" on the PC?

Oh snap...I did just go there.

If you seriously think this is going to the PC, you're an idiot. Sony owns Polyphony. Sure they could release it in a few years to make some extra money, but most people would just pirate it anyway.

JOLLY13787d ago

Congratulations!!!! Good thing that sony never releases PC games. I know sony hates the pc market! They would loose so much money if they put games on the stupid PC. I know they wouldn't ever even make a mmo for the PC, that would loose them so much money! Are you getting the absolute sarcasm here, or should I keep going?

Domenikos3787d ago

it wont come to pc, xbox, or any other console that doesnt contain the PS brand.

Not soon enough

ofx3603787d ago

Everyone is saying that "Sony would never let this happen." It's like people forgot that FF13 was once a ps3 exclusive.
Businesses need money in these hard times so it's all good if Polyphony need to spread the game to get more money to make there awesome games

JBaby3433787d ago

Polyphony is 1st party Square is not. Big difference.

No Way3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

I'll just buy it on my ultra powered gaming rig PC, then! :)

JusPlayin, I'll get it on my PS3..

RememberThe3573787d ago

John Koller is the marketing director at SCEA, he probably know little more then we do on this subject.

For one, Polyphony Digital is apart of SCEJ, and two, they report directly to Kaz.

In my opinion we will not see a PC version of GT5 ever. Piracy is rampant and a lot of people are waiting for GT5 to pick up a PS3. If Sony has one system seller up their sleeve its GT5.

pixelsword3787d ago

1. The media making up stuff

2. The product releases not as expected

3. The media whines about the product not living up to expectations never set by the company they are complaining about

Sad pseudo-journalists.

- Ghost of Sparta -3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Sony owns Gran Turismo and it is the best selling PlayStation franchise of all time. They mean "PS3, PSP and PS2", not PC, 360 and Wii. Maybe if you people knew anything about who publishes GT you wouldn't look so misinformed, especially Psycho360, which is a desperate 360 fan.

gameplayer3787d ago

Man, I would buy this for PC in a heartbeat... Just think, Gran Turismo shipping with a level editor?! Who knows what awesome content the fans of this series would pump out!

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jkhan3788d ago

wasn't this news posted a couple of days/weeks earlier?

solideagle13788d ago

he was talking about PSP....PS2 and PS3 3 consoles


FPShooter3788d ago


why would SONY let go of their biggest franchise? this is just wishful thinking

7thNightvolley3788d ago

PC.. journalist can be silly sometimes ... have they forgotten sony has 3 consoles psp ps2 ps3 .. that is the multi platform they are talkign about coz i know its not coming to 360 and not pc.. only wishful thinking.

lloyd_wonder3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Mincing words and regurgitating old news stories.

“But we look for that franchise to continue on as many platforms as possible.” -John Koller

Obviously meaning PlayStation platforms. Seeing, as Polyphony is solely owned by SCE. John Koller never hinted at a PC version.

"PC gamers may do well to get excited by the talk. Polyhony head Kazunori Yamauchi’salready said that “perhaps [GT5] comes to the PC,” talking specifically of a Chinese launch." -VG247

Here is the translated quote about GT5 on the PC from 2008... "Speaking to Austrian wesbite Der Standard (as translated by videogaming247) Yamuachi said, "It is very, very improbable that GT will come out on another console."

"improbable :unlikely to be true or to occur; also:unlikely but real or true"

Scelestus3788d ago

... probably means "Anywhere but Microsoft". So I'd say a Linux PC or even Mac versions are possible. On the other hand it could also mean "As many /Sony/ platforms as possible. Ponderous.

dragunrising3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

People often forget that Sony has laptops...and they run Windows.

With that said it is naive to rule out a PC version. Why? I have a plenty of examples of games published and developed by Sony and released on the PC:

Everquest 1 and 2
The Agency
DC Universe Online
Free Realms
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
Star Wars Galaxies
Pirates of the Burning Sea


(click on the link for more)

All of these games were made by Sony Online Entertainment. Just as Polyphony is a division of Sony the same can be said of SOE.

It wouldn't be unprecedented if a PC version of Grand Turismo 5 came to the PC. And what is the big deal if the game reaches more gamers and a potential larger audience? Profit is profit. Don't rule anything out, even if your jealous an "exclusive" might go to the PC. Not a big deal.

Hallucinate3788d ago

all those that you listed are MMOs and it would be incredibly stupid to have a exclusive MMO

dragunrising3788d ago

Because you say so? Consoles infrastructure never took MMO development seriously until now. Things to work out include subscription fees (or lack of) and control issues. Notwithstanding, the PS3 could possibly be a very viable MMO market all by itself.

Denial doesn't make anything true.

Scelestus3787d ago

I was wrong, it won't go anywhere but Playstation platforms.
Sorry for you, keyboard jockeys.

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