Is Sony losing touch with what the fans want?

MattG writes:

The Playstation 3 has been out for nearly three years, and so far the console has not lived up to the hype. It's easy to understand that Sony would not maintain the market share they held last generation, but their downfall has been much steeper than most have expected.

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TrevorPhillips3789d ago

Hell no everything Sony is providing for fans are amazing, especially the amazing exclusive games

morganfell3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

MattG is a certified moron. I cannot imagine a more idiotic headline. He and that entire crew of upstarts at hhg are one keystroke from standing in line at the Faith and Glory Rescue Mission and Soup Kitchen.

There have been few articles on N4G with as little insight, creativity, or forethought. He seriously should consider breaking his own fingers.

This is the kind of crap that says the best thing to do is just report this desperate assembly of dunces and refuse to click on any link authored by them.

CyberSentinel3789d ago

"Sony still has a great console on the market, but they continue to show their lack of knowledge of what gamers want. Hopefully as the generation progresses they start to listen to the consumer, and stop sticking to their business plan."

This "Generation" is half through its life cycle, Xbox 3 is already a confirmed reality. How much longer are you lemmings willing to wait?
What are you waiting

NewZealander3789d ago

i see the question mark in the title, and all i think is oh thats gotta be another HHG article.....sure enough.

HHG you suck, keep this up and you will go the way of surfer girl in no time.

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FPShooter3789d ago

Just check the PSblog its that simple. I feel like SONY is dedicated to giving the gamers want. The whole living up to the hype thing is just a matter of opinion.

I am way more than satisfied with my PS3 and that just my opinion.

People can complain about the firmware updates all they want but that doesn't change the fact that the PS3 is virtually a different console than it was at launch.

You can never please everyone, but to say SONY is loosing touch is just wrong. The bottom line is its all about the games, so take a look at SONYS line up and you cant say their not giving gamers what they want.

anh_duong3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

sony don't know what gamers want?? like producing lots and lots of games and giving you lots of things for free?? /sarcasm

blog gaming journalist = a million monkeys with a million keyboards

-EvoAnubis-3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Exactly. The PlayStation.Blog by itself spits in the face of what this guy is talking about. The entire 2.50 FW update was feature-for-feature things that commenters asked for. We're not just the people buying the product, but thanks to the PSB we interact with the people behind the games, asking questions, giving ideas, really bringing the ENTIRE PlayStation community together.

"Sony continues to think we are stupid by increasing hard drive size but keeping the price the same."

So what the **** is MS doing by charging us $150 for a goddamned 120GB hard drive? I'm SURE they don't think their customers are stupid.

"and faster load times on trophy cards would be a start"


"That Sony is losing touch with gamers." THAT'S why Sony has the strongest first party line up this year. Because they're out of touch with gamers.

This MattG guy is out of touch . . . with reality. I swear if the guy was arrested for the crime of being intelligent, the police would have to release him due to lack of evidence. I'd be embarrassed to have written this dribble.

Edit: Oops! Almost forgot the video!

-EvoAnubis-3789d ago

Here's the article. Don't reward the guy with hits for writing bull****.
----------------------------- ----

The Playstation 3 has been out for nearly three years, and so far the console has not lived up to the hype. It’s easy to understand that Sony would not maintain the market share they held last generation, but their downfall has been much steeper than most have expected.

It all started in 2005…

Back then most console gamers owned a Playstation 2. It was the console to own last gen due to their extensive library and great support from Sony. In 2005, most fans were anxiously awaiting the reveal of the PS3, and when it was revealed at E3 2005, many believe thats the day Sony lost touch with what gamers wanted.

$600. That’s all people could think about after Ken Kuatargi revealed the system. Who would want to spend $600 on a video game console? That was nearly twice the price of the PS2 at launch. While the hardware was spectacular, this reveal easily tarnished the system from the start. Do people really want to spend that much on a console?

Then there was the game shortage…

Most people expect maybe one or two games when a console is released. It is not expected for a console to have a plethora of great games early on, but the PS3 drought was much larger than expected. After being released in November of 2006 with Resistance: Fall of Man, most had to wait nearly a year for other major first party titles. Though the games that came out at the time did not live up to the hype. While Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, and Lair were all decent games none were system sellers, and these were the games people waited nearly a year for.

With the PS2 having such a great and extensive library with great 1st and 3rd party support, it is surprising that it took Sony so long to get great games coming (Uncharted/Ratchet and Clank). This questioned what guys like Phil Harrison were doing with their games? Why were games like God of War II going to the PS2 and not the PS3?

Thankfully, the good games came, but what about online?

Xbox Live was the talk of the town when the PS3 was released. Could the PSN eventually match or surpass Xbox Live? So far that has not come to fruition. This is very obvious with the most recent PS3 update, 2.7. For months gamers have been calling for cross game voice chat, and what did Sony deliver with? Text-Chat. Why would Sony dedicate an entire firmware update to a completely unnecessary feature? Most would rather wait, and get voice chat when the time comes.

Then there is HOME, which has potential but so far has been a major disappointment. Is there truly a reason to spend more than 5 mins in HOME? Wouldn’t it be better if Sony dedicated resources to making the PSN/XMB better and not focus resources to HOME? Things like voice chat, better communication features, and faster load times on trophy cards would be a start.

The removal of backwards compatibility

Removing backwards compatibility is the biggest mistake of this generation. With such a great back catalog on the PS2, most gamers would like to play those games. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no backwards compatible PS3 on the market. Not only this, but Sony has ignored the cry of fans to add PS2 titles to the PSN or create some type of software emulation. People want to play games like ICO and God of War on their PS3, and not have to dust off their PS2. There should either be a model on the market that is backwards compatible or put PS2 games on the PSN.

Most importantly the price…

Sony continues to think we are stupid by increasing hard drive size but keeping the price the same. Many would sacrifice hard drive space for a deduction in price. At $400, the cheapest PS3 is still a very steep investment for gamers in this economy. The system needs a drop in price, and Sony has ignored gamers pleas for over a year. While they need to make a profit, many gamers would sacrifice things such as hard drive space and bundles if it meant they could save anywhere between $50-$100.

The fact that Sony thinks the PS2 price drop is a big announcement shows…

That Sony is losing touch with gamers. The hardcore and most of the casual do not care about the PS2 anymore. They wish to move onto this generation of consoles, and Sony continues to live in the past. They continue to think that as long as they stamp Sony on a console that it will sell. They dug themselves in the hole when they announced the console at $600, and while they have done their best to dig themselves out they are still in a hard spot. They need to add features, and not remove them like they did with backwards compatibility. They need to listen to the fans pleas for a price drop and better online features.

Sony still has a great console on the market, but they continue to show their lack of knowledge of what gamers want. Hopefully as the generation progresses they start to listen to the consumer, and stop sticking to their business plan.

anh_duong3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

you see the problem with these gaming "journalists" is that they think they are smart because they write stories that provoke alot of chatter but they truth is it doesn't take a lot of brain to write stupid articles that antagonise gamers and fuel fanboy anger.

the analogy is if someone writes an article that says "black people are uneducated". the article is of course stupid, sterotypical and imflammatory. however, the article will generate alot of hitsand be fairly explosive and hot. high heat =/= good journalism.

it doesn't take a lot of brains to come up with a sensationalist story. even a inbred monkey can write utter rubbish.

this article is another example of gamingblogs going down the proverbial drain with some smug blogwriting thinking he is a good writer because he provokes gamers.

MattG, a discredit to the profession. someone who sells hits for integrity. nothing new though.

Sony have never stopped focusing on making games; have provided improved and new free software to existing users ; and looked after legacy console owners whilst all the time selling their console at a loss. If this is not looking after gamers and keeping in touch with their needs then i don't know what is.

Tony P3789d ago

As a fan I want a dependable console that plays the latest big games, so no.

Sure, there are things I still want from the console, but I want the world from all my platforms.

morganfell3789d ago

Is hhg being paid my Microsoft? They shifted content after the second meeting with Aaron Greenberg.

Should hhg rename their site? hhg isn't a legitimate hiphop artist and instead plays wannabe to as many people as they can trick into clicking in their site.

Are games ruining high school kids education as they vainly attempt to write for a laughable website?

Should hhg rename their site? hiphop espouse claims of individuality and honesty but the actions of hhg show people with a paid agenda. Sellout gamer show would be more accurate.

SL1M DADDY3789d ago

My PS3 has been great and is exactly what I want and more. It has a great line up of games, online features and most of all, free online play. So because the most expensive console that debuted a year after the 360 is still in third place for sales makes it a losing bet? Nope, it just shows that Sony is giving us a quality console that lasts more than a few months at a time and has a line of games that has no comparable competition this year and is still free to play online. With a price drop this year, you can bet that fake journalists like this guy will be eating a plate full of crow when their silly writings get pushed aside by stellar sales.

kwicksandz3789d ago

He brings up online. You can say all you want about sony being new to the online space but they are priced as a premium console and if the premium product cant match feature for feature its major,cheaper and allegedly inferior competitor after launching a year later and now almost having 3 years to catch it, then they need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

Cutting ps2 back compatibility was a d1ck move no matter how you spin it. the ps2 has an amazing library and with back compat many ps2 owners could smoothly transition into ps3 ownership not giving up the last 8 years of gaming they have enjoyed. it was after all a core value if i remember the pr spin correctly

And from that ps2 library where are the next gen versions? We still have no FF13, no GT5, no dark cloud 3 etc Tonnes of sony IP gold and nothing to show for it.

Finally the uproar over 2.7. It is really a slap in the face. We live in 2009 people and voice chat is the accepted medium of ingame communication. a clunkily implemented text-chat band aid solution just highlights the current failings of the system and disappoints the fans. My warhawk jabra is going to waste, and im not about to drop $75 on the sony BT till they can get their Sh1t together cross game communication wise.

coolfool3789d ago

The backwards compatibility. Play my PS2 games in high def would have been amazing. Plus, my space for both a PS3 is limited unfortunately so setting up the ps2 as well is really a pain.

Anon19743788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Voice communications aren't missing on the PSN. I can talk to my friends via camera and mic, I can chat with them while we're hunting each other down in Call of Duty. The only thing missing is cross game chatting, and I for one don't miss it. I'm sure there are others out there that would like to chat no matter what they're doing but I don't think that's really an important feature. In the 2 years I was using XBL I never used that feature once, and even if I had it I can't think why I'd use it. If my friends see me in a game and wonder if I want to play COD, they send me a message saying "COD?". I jump to the cross media bar and say "No thanks. Fallout."
Done. Now saying there's something wrong with the service because I couldn't jump to the cross media bar and talk directly too them is a bit much, if you ask me. Besides, everyone knows it's coming anyway. Myself, I'll still probably never use it.

As for the games, there's certainly no shortage of games. Don't agree with you there. Sony's been releasing games at the same rate the 360 did, but with better quality titles according to many survey's using Metacritic scores. As for losing PS2 BC, you had your chance. If you wanted BC, Sony sold it. If you still want it you can pick it up on Ebay, or buy a PS2. I don't know what the big deal is. I didn't buy my Wii to play Gamecube games, didn't buy my 360 to play Xbox games and certainly didn't buy my PS3 to play PS2 games. Same went last gen. I thought it was cool that the PS2 was PSone compatible, played zero PSone games on it. Overrated feature, if you ask me. If you have a library of PS2 games it's safe to assume you have a PS2. Just suck it up and plug in both.

WIIIS13788d ago

"Has Square Enix lost their mind?" Yea yea, HHG got it right, agree, agree, agree, those Microsoft sellouts are crap.

"Is Sony losing touch with what the fans want?" Boo! Hiss! HHG sucks! HHG is crap, don't give them hits, ban them, crucify the blasphemer!!

edgeofblade3788d ago

Eh... it tried to make a few good points but ultimately drowns in its own bias.

There is a million dollar prize for anyone who can demonstrate they have supernatural powers, like being psychic. No one has claimed it. You know why? Because when they get tested, they have to submit to an objective test.

One person cannot claim success or failure based on their own opinions. You have to have objective numbers that we all get to vote on. And those numbers are sales, units, and profits.

I think Sony is doing a good job, but you still have to admit they are in last place. To say that Sony is doing the "worst" isn't to say they suck. They're great... just not as good as the competition right now. That's also not to say they will NEVER amount to anything as some fanboys might say. They have plenty of chance to turn things around.

But to claim they are the best is naive and fanboyish. They can't succeed until they... well... actually succeed. Nothing is guaranteed, even with having Sony on the box.

Anon19743788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

The PS3 is selling faster than the 360. How do you figure it's doing the "worst". If you have two racers running a race on different days, do you pick the one that finished the race first of do you time how fast each racer runs the same distance?

Obviously there's a double standard at play. When MS hit 13 million consoles in 2 years I don't recall the articles examining why the 360 wasn't selling well, but the PS3 hits 17 million in two years despite a staggered start worldwide and a higher price point and the entire time it's been out "Is Sony giving the fans what they want?" or "Sony is hemorrhaging at retail."
What gives?

commodore643788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

YEah darkride.. lol!

There you go again with your opinion, half-truths and outright lies.
It's becoming the norm for you, huh?
I see you have provided no evidence, just your opinion again?
Read below for the latest installment of darkie's most farcical quotes:

1. (darkrider:) "Sony's been releasing games at the same rate the 360 did, but with better quality titles according to many survey's using Metacritic scores"

umm... i beg to differ, darkie...
Please can you post the unambiguous evidence?

2. (darkrider:) "The PS3 is selling faster than the 360"

umm... i beg to differ,again, darkie. Perhaps, if you compare sales since launch, the ps3 sold about the same as the 360 in year 1, while, granted, in year2 it got ahead. In the early stages of year 3, they were evenly matched, once more.
However, in the third year, it is not so simple.

In fact, for the ps3's third year, year on year, ps3 sales are unquestionably DOWN, while 360 year on year sales are unquestionably UP.
IT doesn't bode well for the ps3's third full year of sales, while the 360's fourth year is looking quite good.

(If truth be told, it is quite embarrassing that the ps3, in its third year, is getting outsold by a console that was released a year earlier and is exactly a year older)

So yeah, the initial sales gap is back at 8 million, and trending towards 9 million... a figure which sounds eerily similar to the gap at ps3 launch! WOW!

How, then, can the ps3 be selling more than the 360?
The sales gap, which was once at 9 million, is back at 9 million.

oooops! I guess it wasn't so simple, after all.
It all sounds like another sampling of darkie's fairground spin.
Thanks for the ride, darkie.


Anon19743786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Here's a recent comparison on game quality from Edge. There are many similar comparisons that come to the same conclusion using Metacritic. Just google it sometime.

2) PS3 selling faster than the 360 from launch. Of course I'm going to go from launch. If two racers run the same race, one runs it today and one runs it tomorrow the winner isn't who finished the race first, it's who ran the distance the fastest. Unquestionably the PS3 wins hands down over the 360 at the end of year 2 with 17 million PS3's sold vs 13 million 360's. I know full well you're able to look up Investor Relations on each of these, even though I know your reading comprehension is a little lacking.

Now, as for year 3 data, we don't have any official numbers yet and won't until this month sometime. Going from an unoffical source like vgchartz it seems to indicate the PS3 is selling pretty much neck and neck with what it did last year during this quarter, a small miracle given the current economic situation. 360 sales are up quite a bit over the same period last year which isn't hard to do considering a massive price cut and the fact that 360 sales were down in the US, year over year almost every single month leading up to the price cut. They ended up in a virtual tie for 2007, then 2008, now 2009 looks like they're in a dead heat again.

Your Anti-Sony campaign of misinformation keeps bottoming out when it hits the facts. Perhaps you should try snake-oil salesman.

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Bren863789d ago

Still no unified game invites.
Still no cross game private chat.
Still no audio messages.

OrganicMachine3789d ago

well go hang out on Yahoo Messenger and all that social thing.. I know what I want.. GAMES.. lots and lots of quality Games!!!

Why o why3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

still on my first ps3

I get more games of a varied variety AND of a higher quality by the guys that couldn't stfu in 2007 standards.

FREE online


standard hdmi

standard hdd

true divx support

games in 09

You see its easy to complain about what your competitor doesn't have. I can be a douche too.

Ive been silent on hhg and all the hate he's been receiving of late but im starting to wonder if he's been paid off, so to speak. I know what his preference is but this is his job and anything that might help him further his career which might seem lack a lack of integrity for US might be a right of passage for him. Yep, he uses tabloid titles to garner hits and interest and thats almost understandable. Its the penchant for the baseless bashing articles that are starting to make me wonder. I notice he never wants to smash greenberg anymore even though he used to smash others for less in the past couple that with the fact that green has been talking alotta crap of late. Keep doing your thing HHG but i hope you know where you're heading with this change in attitude.

@ guy below
if killzone is crap what on earth are you playing champ because it cant be that laggy gears 2, no disrespect to the 360 fans but you have to be honest 5 v 5 and lag is not better than 16 vs 16 on a free network with no lag, behave yourself

hdmi cable. a lot cheaper than a new sku that comes with hdmi 1.2

browser sucks.... if you aint got one correct

forgot wi fi....the 360 is the ONLY console this gen that doesnt come with one built in and that includes the handhelds, again behave

CommonSense3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

FREE online
-it's slow as hell and nobody has headsets so the online community is weak. it has to be free otherwise it couldn't compete.


standard hdmi
-doesn't come with an hdmi cable though

standard hdd

true divx support
-how often does that come in handy?

games in 09
-killzone 2 is crap. what else ya got?

and you forgot bluray. which i'll give ya too. but, it's too bad these companies can't figure out how to reduce those lengthy required installs.

@sarcasm below...actually...Resistance 2 has yet to break 1 million copies. and killzone 2 is already selling for under 30 dollars on ebay and there's TONS of em. i've been trying to get rid of it on switchgames for weeks, nobody wants it. same with uncharted. MGS is an amazing experience though.

zenosaga043789d ago

Wow ... three things I don't care about

redsquad3789d ago

Oh dear god, how have I managed without those three???

ultimolu3789d ago

Yeah. because people will practically die without those features. -__-

Anon19743788d ago

and yet in two years of XBL I didn't use one of those features once. After my 3rd 360 died on me I had to seriously ask, "What am I paying for here? The privledge of playing a game I already spent $60 on online while racist, homophobic 12 year olds yell obsenities at me?"

The only reason I can see at this point for people not switching over to the PSN is because XBL is probably where all their friends are. It's certainly better to play with friends.

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Sarcasm3789d ago

"so far the console has not lived up to the hype."

What's not living up to the hype? Millions of people are enjoying Killzone 2, Resistance 2, MGS4, Uncharted, all the multiplatform games, etc. etc.

Oh wait, it's from the HHG.


JBaby3433788d ago

No complaints from me as the games so far have been outstanding. These HHG articles are seriously getting lame.

OrganicMachine3789d ago

They're pumpin out quality games from first party devs.. that's all I want..