Splitfish Fragfx Controller Brings PC Style Gameplay To PS3

Edmonton Mar 20, 2007 Innovative peripheral maker SplitFish GameWare, Inc today officially announced the company's upcoming FragFX game controller for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. The patent pending FragFX features a separate right hand mouse controller and detachable left hand grip controller, ideal for experiencing the traditional PC mouse and keyboard style gameplay of shooter games in a console environment. Key FragFX controller features include:

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highps34287d ago

I want the blue tooth version. A bit pricey I might add... Althogh I guess on par with the Wii which has two attachments.

jib4287d ago

one of the few add-ons i want for my 360. i would have bought this for it.

n4g sucks4287d ago

i hope the mouse and fragchuck are BOTH wireless ( not conected to each other ). i like the idea of a frag button...but it seems like a unfair advantage in online play ( hence the appeal )