Firefox hits 35% market share in Europe, 22% globally

We have had some indications that Microsoft messed up the launch of its new browser. Now, more than two weeks into the availability of the software, we have a better idea which browsers were affected by the introduction of the browser and which ones were not. To see a first trend, we had a close look at the market share data published by Net Applications – which publicly releases detailed numbers every day.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 has been available for 18 days and remains the company's weakest web browser at launch since version 3. While the software now seems to be close to 4% market share, it appears to be unable to stop the bleeding of other IE versions. Since the beginning of the year, Mozilla's Firefox has picked up more than half of the users IE lost; the other half went to Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome. This trend is evident in new market share numbers published by Net Applications and StatCounter, which show that Firefox hit a new record market share in March.

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TwistedMetal3794d ago

I just want to say this is what happens when you jump into all different kinds of things like makeing consoles and music things like the zune. M$ should of kept there greedy tails focused on computer software and shouldnt of came into gameing becuase they gonna be in a world of hurt soon. googles name is big, ipods are big, fire fox is big and was the anwser to IE. M$ needs to stop ripping people off and getting serious becuase I dont see how anyone will be able to stop thpse big names. I mean apple and google names are used a bazillion times more then IE in everyday life lol. IE is becoming like msn or something. I stopped useing M$ products becuase otheres offer better and becuase they thought they can jump into anything just by throwing money around and ripping people off. I mean x360 and zune are epic fails in my oppinion.

timmyrulz3794d ago

How dare you microsoft for making enough money to employ thousand of people and creating contracts/subcontracts for thousands more

Poeple on here really want microsoft to fail but if you look beyond the end of your nose, you will realise that that it will course a hell of a lot more sh1t in a time where jobs are going faster than a a pimp chasing his ho

dcbronco3794d ago

that's not possible, the government says that Microsoft would have killed them by now. MS is evil. They would never allow another browser on the market. Or maybe Netscape should have put a better browser in the market.

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