Will Square-Enix Announce Kingdom Hearts 3 At E3?

PSX Extreme writes: "We're big fans of stepping back and taking a gander at the bigger picture. We want to accept and process all sorts of information, and in so doing, we can formulate a somewhat realistic theory that may have some legitimacy."

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jkoz3789d ago

KH3 for PS3... a win if I've ever heard one.

DNAgent3789d ago

I think KH3 will be announced on the Wii. Square-Enix has already made tons of bad moves last gen & this gen so don't expect a good game from them this gen regardless of what it is.

TheRockNRolla3789d ago

I wouldn't really call it a win. I mean yay! KH3 for the PS3, but if they stick to the same formula as the previous games, I wouldn't declare any kind of real victory.

gaffyh3789d ago

I agree with DNAgent, as much as I WANT KH3 on PS3, it would make more sense if it was on Wii. Disney + Kids + Wii = $$$$. I hope it's at least Multiplatform though, if not exclusive

mugoldeneagle033789d ago


In fact I don't think we'll see a lot of SE except for FFXIII and maybe some Versus news. Release dates probably.

I also think Sony will announce Kojima's next project (which I think will still be PS3 exclsuive, Metal Gear or not) instead of Team ICO's title.

I believe both KH3 and ICO will be announced at TGS. Sony has a ton of stuff already in store for E3:

1) God of War 3
2) M.A.G.
3) Ratchet & Clank
4) Twisted Metal Unveil
5) Uncharted 2
6) Heavy Rain

I still think GT5 is a toss up between E3 and TGS. Though I think TGS is more likely

solidt123789d ago

Regardless to what system/systems it is on they just need to make it because so far this gen they have not made crap worth buying except Star Ocean which they just published.

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Ps_alm3k3789d ago

I hope your icon/avatar gets announce!!!!!

Enate3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Oh hell yea Ps_alm3k now you speaking my language A new Zone of the Enders I'd go nuts its all me an my friends keep talking about.

ShinnokDrako3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Knowing them, they're going to bet on the wrong system again. Unless they like seeing their games out of the top ten after 1 week (all of them but Dissidia, if i'm not wrong)...

Superduper093789d ago

Hmm doubt it. At this year's E3, SE will probably annnounce some new info on FFXIII, FFXIII Versus (Hopefully) and the DS Version of Kingdom Hearts.

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The story is too old to be commented.