Telekinesis gadgets are coming to market

The Force, it seems, is not so strong with this one.

In the virtual world of a game called Neuroboy, I'm staring out over a lagoon at an exact digital replica of a Star Wars X-wing spaceship submerged in blue water. My task: to lift that virtual object out of its murky depths using not my mouse or keyboard, but instead -- à la Luke Skywalker -- my thoughts.

Back in the real world, I'm wearing a bluetooth headset that touches my forehead with a single metal sensor. The more I relax, according to the headset's manufacturer, Neurosky, the more that small metal point will pick up my brain's alpha waves, triggering the ship to rise.

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wibble3790d ago

Controlling something with your eyebrows isn't telekinesis.

FunkyBunch3789d ago

It's not about eyebrow movement, it's about alpha waves...