China's New Handheld Boot-leg Gaming System

A new product from China that will let you play almost every emulation games out there. For less than a hundred dollars you can play SNES, GBA, Neo Geo, and much much more. It even act as a music player, video player, image player, and e-reader player. China took bootlegging to a whole new level with this gadget.

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celldomceen13794d ago

delightfully small (DS), i think that is hilarious.

ExcessiveGBH3794d ago

This will blow the other 3 consoles out of the water, plays Cryiss at 4096×2048 resolution with all settings on extreme. Cross platform on line gaming. Voice chat across the other 3 consoles plus PC. 1ms pings over wireless via satellite.

Foxgod3794d ago

Looks fun, but the Pandora makes this look like a tamagotchi.

Dan_eire3793d ago

No Amiga500 support?? No thanks

Jockamo3793d ago

...this is ridiculously incredible. I wonder if it uses Roms. That's like every single old school game ever. Like all the Final Fantasys, all the Zeldas, all the Mega Mans, all the Dragon Quests, all the Street Fighter 2s, gah...

I'll definitely get this, if not for the RPGs alone.

likedamaster3793d ago

Uh...I'm currently playing all of those you mentioned on my iPhone?

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The story is too old to be commented.