Tales of Vesperia set for Fall Release in Japan

Famitsu reported today that Tales of Vesperia has been officially announced for the PS3, and is expected to be released fall 2009 in Japan.

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Wildarmsjecht3792d ago

Sigma 2 and Tales of Ves. this fall. A selection of titles for people with different tastes. Good stuff.

maruchan27six3792d ago

As written at the bottom of the official website.

Godmars2903792d ago

Meanwhile Western PS3 JRPG fans still have to worry weather it will be released here or that there will be an English option for imports.

jjl3792d ago

Sometime last Fall...
Random fanboy: No PS3 Eternal Sonata release for America, look at ToS!

Random fanboy 2: American release since ES came out here.
Random fanboy 3: No PS3 ToV release for America, look at the history of Tales!

And the cycle continues...

sakuragi3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )


1- The localization is already done for the xbox 360 version so I really don't see any problem or additional costs here.

2- Eternal sonata ( trusty bell), a lesser known game made it to the US and you think a Tales of game, Namco bandai's biggest RPG series wont make it?

Godmars2903792d ago

If I recall correctly, they di*ked around with the US release of ES after saying the PS3 was getting it too. Just saying.

SaiyanFury3792d ago

Tales of Vesperia will have a North American PS3 release, the same as Eternal Sonata. It might come later than the 360 version, but it will come. I said it will come last year the same as I predict Star Ocean 4 will come. I'm just waiting for the announcement of SO4 on the PS3. S-E would be insane to release it only on the 360, which is doing the worst in Japan of the 3 console makers. The PS3 is also recently outselling the Wii, mostly likely because the Wii has reached market saturation. My point is that "exclusive" 360 games like SO4 will come to the PS3. It's merely a matter of time. If not, then S-E is completely blind to it's own market and will go belly up.

[email protected]3792d ago

I hope you words speak the truth XD

OmarJA3792d ago

What's this ? another stolen 360 exclusive coming to the PS3 with enhanced features ?...

I guess the 360 is no longer the king of JRPGs this gen.

psycho3603792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

What is this? another year old flop coming over to ps3 which will be the usual half hearted attempt at porting to a difficult platform. Lets not forget that it will sell less than quarter of the 360 sales.

Vampire rain much

OmarJA3792d ago

This game will sell better on the PS3 in Japan & speaking of flops, how's Halo Wars & Ninja Blade ?...

Try harder next time psycho360.

sak5003792d ago

halo wars and ninja blade are sitting right besides Kz2 even though these 2 were not hyped to be the 2nd coming on the ps3.

Bumpmapping3792d ago

Thanks 360 for the beta testing Ninja gaiden 2 and Tales Of Vesperia for us PS3 users much appreciated :)

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