GameFocus: WWE Legends of Wrestlemania Review

GameFocus writes: "For years, THQ and Yukes have been putting out quality wrestling titles, featuring the grapplers of the modern era with serious attention to detail. While some of these offerings have offered the chance to play as select legends, they've never really attempted a game dedicated solely to those legends. As the title suggests, Legends of Wrestlemania is out to change that. Bringing back the glitz and glamour of the 80's and 90's in a big way, fans of wrestling's old school will find plenty of nostalgia packed goodies here. Aimed squarely at those gamers old enough to remember what it was like to watch Hulk Hogan slam Andre the Giant, Yuke's have opted to simplify the intimidating control scheme from its Smackdown series. Are the new controls enough to lure the more casual crowd, as well as satisfy the core SVR audience that they've built up over the years?"


+ Presentation is excellent during Tour mode.
+ Relive is a great mode.
+ Music and commentary are well done.
+ Offers a fair number of legends.
+ Ability to import Smackdown 09 roster adds variety to the package.
+ Old-school montages are fantastic.
+ Trophies are incredibly easy.


- Quick-time events kill the pacing of the matches.
- Character models don't look too great.
- Retro controls are simple, but not very engaging.
- Severely unbalanced button mashing mechanics.
- Online is barely worth mention.
- Legend Killer lacks checkpoint system.
- Rewrite and Redefine aren't nearly as in-depth as Relive.

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