iPGN: Zenonia first look

iPGN writes: "The story sees you playing a mysterious kid called Regrett, who is trying to uncover the his fathers death and a greater unexplained evil. The game is still in it's early stages, and much of the dialogue between my character and NPCs have not been translated, but I have already taken on various errands around the village and uncovered a storyline that have put bigger events in motion. Due to the extent of the un-translated text I don't want to play any more until it's fixed as I'm no doubt missing important plot points. But I can safely say that it's an engrossing game which Gameveil state delivers more than 40 hours worth of gameplay. Graphically it features a style similar to the earlier 2D Zelda games, but even so, the game worlds are full of flora and fauna to interact with. The music features a few glitches such as pops in the looping, but overall fits well within the fantasy theme".

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