OC3D: OCZ DIY Gaming Notebook 15 Review

OC3D writes: "While the idea of gaming notebooks often conjures up images of some Counter-Strike junkie sitting on the train to work 'pwning n00bs' using his touchpad alone, the reality behind the idea comes more from the LAN gaming scene. As frequent LAN gamers will tell you, probably the worst part of attending a LAN is getting there in the first place. It's very rare that LAN events are close to home, and traveling long distances on trains or even planes certainly isn't an enjoyable experience when you've got your precious, yet extremely heavy PC in tow."

The Good
- Ability to spec and build your own laptop.
- Gain experience on how to upgrade in the future.
- Can work out cheaper if you buy components from the right places.
- Integrated fingerprint reader and webcam.
- Bluetooth receiver allows easy connection to mobile phones and HID devices like mice.
- HDMI output available.
- Robust casing. No 'creaking' or flexing of the main body.
- Fairly good GPU performance.
- Bright, clear screen.

The Mediocre
- Notebook lid is a fingerprint and scratch magnet.
- On-board sound not too great.
- Plain appearance with no OCZ branding.
- Can be a tad fiddly to put together (especially without a magnetic screwdriver!).
- WiFi & Bluetooth On/Off functions should really be assigned to their own buttons.

The Bad
- Poor battery performance when used with a high-end CPU.
- No overclocking options! Shame on you OCZ!

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