Bethesda Would Like to Try a Wii Game

Bethesda Softworks may have discovered a way to cram The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion experience onto a PSP, but they won't be attempting the same with Wii. The studio has said several times the hardware limitations of Wii means they couldn't approach a port without a substantial reduction in game quality -- but that doesn't mean they aren't interested in Wii.

Speaking to, Bethesda VP of marketing and PR Pete Hines mused on the possibilities of the company working with Nintendo. It may happen down the line, just don't expect it anytime soon. "It's a great console and many of us at Bethesda have one but I know that bringing Oblivion over is not possible - we'd have to do a whole new game," he said.

Does that mean he's hinting at an impending announcement? Not really. "It's something we've talked about, but I don't think you could say we're considering it. It's not in our immediate future - maybe something we'll look at somewhere down the road," said Hines.

Patience, for now.

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