Has Square Enix Lost Their Mind?

The company known for games like Final Fantasy VII and Chrono Trigger are not what they used to be. Why are they changing the strategies that made them the best JRPG developer ever? When will things turn back around for them in the future?

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interrergator3791d ago

i dont think they had a mind at the beginning of this generation

indysurfn3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

They started going down after Final Fantasy IX. Started being afraid of Microsofts action RPG's, and being left behind. Changing their summon spells trying to turn them into something other than over the top turn based events (FFX) which only succeeded in taking the melodramatic flare or soul out of them.

Speaking of turn based they started trying to run away from turn based, and traditional JRPG music, and the so called cutsy style!

They where afraid of the new Microsoft grown up hard core (looking) style action RPG. Ended up not pleasing the action crowd! And alienating the turn based crowed, which where scopped up by Mistwalker and Konami. Like Micheal Jackson song said: 'to high to get over (yeah yeah), to low to get under(yeah yeah), your stock in the middle'.

Now with FFXIII I think they are trying two kinds of Final fantasy at once. To compare the sales? Earth to Square most people that dislike RPG's will not switch over just because you disguise it. Some will but most will not!

What is with the music? Are you ashamed of your JRPG roots? Yeah a few do like the change but pay attention: Rock, RAP, techno, and moogles don't mix! (unless your drinking something strong).

What I'm saying is become your identity.

AND bring me my melodramatic Summon spells, and melodramatic Music back you fart knockers!

Cheeseknight283791d ago

"They started going down after Final Fantasy IX. Started being afraid of Microsofts action RPG's, and being left behind."

What game(s) could you possible be referring to? Final Fantasy X was completed and on shelves before Fable was even ANNOUNCED. I can't recall any other major RPG on the Xbox, other than KOTOR, which was in early development when FFX was completed.

badz1493791d ago

but the lackluster of SE are the thing nobody can denies at this point! I'm not saying that they supporting the 360 is wrong but what are those CRAPS they are putting on that machine? all these times, JRPGs have always been selling best in JAPAN and SE supporting the losing console in that very region makes them look STUPID! what are they thinking? if they went multiplat like CAPCOM, they will have never got the bad reputation like they do right now but they chose to go exclusive and then released CRAPS and that's why many hate them! they need to do something because I can see the doubts on the quality of FFXIII and vsXIII is on the rise!

lolol1233791d ago

try since ps1. the last good games they made were fft, ff7. after that they started drifting into homosexual male heroes, absurd art direction, and ridiculously cheesy stories. i wish they would go away already.

caladbolg7773791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

"try since ps1. the last good games they made were fft, ff7. after that they started drifting into homosexual male heroes, absurd art direction, and ridiculously cheesy stories. i wish they would go away already."

Homosexual undertones? A new and different art direction? Over-the-top, cheesy, and convoluted storyline? The funniest part about this comment, is that it pretty much sums up Final Fantasy 7 in a nutshell. Was the point of this post to be humorous?

That aside, I don't agree with your statement regarding FF7 as Square's last "good game". IMO, Final Fantasy VIII was hand-over-fist better than Final Fantasy VII (with Final Fantasy Tactics being my favorite... that is... if you consider it a REAL FF title), and the last "great" Final Fantasy was FFX for the PS2.

ThanatosDMC3791d ago

FF8 > FFX > FFT > FF7 >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>> FFX-2

X-2 was just BS! They even f*cked up Blitzball!

ultimolu3791d ago

My thoughts exactly. o_o

Consoldtobots3791d ago

while I hate to comment on ANY hiphopgamer article as I dont believe in promoting POOR grammar and blatant ignorance, I will however say that most people have completely missed the big picture. This isn't about love for microsoft or the 360. This has more to do with a pissin match that SE decided to get into with Sony. It is becoming clear that SE wanted concessions from Sony this generation that they were not willing to make. This is why SE came out with those absurdly insane comments about their software making or breaking either console. Not only was the viewpoint narrow-minded and arrogant, it was also UNBELIEVEABLY false as sales have proved in the long run. Heres to SE eating A GIANT turd called CROW.

slayorofgods3791d ago

Square enix has lost their minds. They want to make western rpgs all of the sudden and back the 360. This has lead to their crap-fest of infinite undescovery type games. A successful company should never make a sudden "image change" because that will only alienate their fan base (SE used to have a huge fan base). From a stand point of making money this strategy is complete madness.

On a plus note the producer of FF versus 13 seems to want to take his development in a old school direction. I'm glad to see his team competing against this new SE strategy.

IcarusOne3791d ago

I clicked before checking the link. He tricked me again! KHAAAAAN!!!!

The Lazy One3791d ago

Square as a publisher and square as a developer are two different things. Don't confuse square developed games with square published games.

Square's quality is slipping slightly, but not as bad as what they publish indicates.

The Lazy One3790d ago

but tri-ace is the only developer to really develop on the PS3 or the 360.

SquareEnix developed The Last Remnant for both, but no other games for either. The only things they've really made lately has been DS games and ports.

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v1c1ous3791d ago

automatic fail.

but to stay on topic.

square-enix went to the crapper when squaresoft merged with Enix. its been discussed MILLIONS of times. try to keep up.

Jim Hawking3791d ago

HHG is not my idea of a good source.

But anyways,
I just got done playing with Star Ocean:The Last Hope and it is the worst written, acted and directed game I have ever played. I stuck with it because I really like Star Ocean III, but god even I have my limits. It screams "RUSHED". I'm a computer scientist and I could kick the crap out of who ever edited this game.

Dragun6193791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Correction, SquareSoft didn't go crappier when they merged with Enix but instead they got better until Yoichi Wada, the President and the Vice President of Square Enix, Michihiro Sasaki saw that there was more profit in making Remakes and medicore games that were mostly towards the American Audience rather than their own Country, which I remind you that most of their profit comes from japan as evidently from Final Fantasy sales on an average of 3.1 million in japan alone.
Final Fantasy VII sold 3.93m
Final Fantasy VIII sold 3.64m
Final Fantasy IX sold 2.80m
Final Fantasy X sold 3.02m
Final Fantasy XII sold 2.42m
All in Japan

Yoichi Wada Once said "it's very difficult to hit the jackpot, as it were. Once we've hit it, we have to get all the juice possible out of it".

And I assume that this jackpot is probably Xbox360 as they have yet to actually support PS3 with anything, heck even Crystal Defenders is not even on PSN except for JP but it is on Wiiware and XBL everywhere. Just because they thought Xbox360 is the American Market as it has more ground in the US than PS3.
Funny Thing is though that Square Enix's released psp games such as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, have sold more than any JRPG on Xbox360.

Also Michihiro Sasaki said
"We don't want the PlayStation 3 to be the overwhelming loser, so we want to support them, but we don't want them to be the overwhelming winner either, so we can't support them too much."

Iono about you but Square Enix has yet to support the PS3 and have really dropped the ball this Gen which I believe their not making the right decisions at all such as trying to break into the American market. They should just focus on making JAPANESE RPGS rather than making supposedly appealing RPGS towards the west such as Last Remenat and Infinte Discovery and start with establishing the plot, characters and art of the game first.

Hopefully, Yoshinori Kitase (director of FF13) and Tetsuya Nomura (Director of FFVS13) will continue Making High Quality games that square was known for. High hopes Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy Versus 13, They better not let me down on at least this game.

FlameBaitGod3791d ago

Im srry but some of you look sad, you talk about HHG but you in fact read the article at give your opinions lol.

Godmars2903791d ago

But I have to agree. Whatever idiot thought that they could give [email protected]$$ed support for the 360, not giving it the PS3 while at the same time put their 2nd biggest franchise out on it, needs to be fired.

Kamikaze1353791d ago

I hope you're not talking about Star Ocean, because that's not their 2nd biggest franchise. Their biggest franchise is Final Fantasy and their second is Dragon Quest. Dragon Quest seems to be a Nintendo exclusive as well.

Godmars2903791d ago

FF may have been Square's, but DQ9 on the DS is going to handily beat FFXIII and FFvsXIII in sales.

Given the install base, it may do better than both combined.

FlameBaitGod3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Then y are you supporting this site bro ? This site became about blogs. That's not news, don't click this site.

Godmars2903791d ago

This is about as much troll feeding I do for HGG. Have to agree that even this is too much.

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patterson3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

They drank the M$ Kool-aid believing they could make it primarily on a shooter console.

Props for Microsoft though for trying to break from that image, but it is what it is.

From here on out, M$ won't be buying up "loyalty" in this economy and will have to make due with the momemtum they've built on their install base. But once the PS3 price drop happens, we're going to start seeing a dramatic shift. The same shift that Japan's sales have indicated in recent months.

Hopefully the writing on the wall will wake up JP devs to focus on the system that will maximize their profits.

3791d ago
patterson3791d ago

Square-Enix HAS been making a lot of bad games lately.

Last one I liked from them was probably Grandia III and even that was just OK.

But my point is that while they're sucking, they've also made poor business decisions supporting a console that isn't big in Japan, essentially abandoning their fan base. That doesn't make sense!

Monty_The_Great3791d ago

how is it a poor business decision? especially if they get paid by someone? I am not saying they are getting paid by anyone, but if they are then how is that bad? That is just you acting like a little girl because you don't have a 360 and you are a fangirl. You probably only think they make bad games becuase they aren't on the PS3, if these aweful games were made only for the PS3, the here on N4G they would be the greatest games ever and Square would be the best. But they aren't so they aren't.

patterson3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Initially I thought you were someone I could have some rational dialogue with but nevermind now.

"Hey look ma, I learnt a new wurd! Fangirl! durrr"


And what's with that sleazy smile on your face?
Just wondering. Is that you in that picture?

RememberThe3573791d ago

Seriously dude, stop talking down to people. You are no better then anyone here. Saying this guy is acting like a little girl and calling him a fangirl is pretty pathetic of you.

The only person I see here acting like a little girl is you. This guy didn't disrespect you at all yet you feel the need to belittle him.

Stop making assumption about people. If he said that he didn't like Squares games that is all you know about his opinions on the subject. Yet for some reason you assume that if the games were on the PS3 he would all of a sudden love those games.

So how about you take your "fangirl" self to the Open Zone where that kind of crap is much more tolerated.

UltimateIdiot9113791d ago

Because to abandon base for a quick paid is short term goal. Many of SE sales and fanbase are from Japan. SE hardly pumps out anything above mediocore these days. The ones that are good are nothing more than ports and remakes.

Shadow Man3791d ago

I don't get it, some people here say square sucks because the went multiplat, other say because "square soft" merge with enix, or maybe because square got a new president.

Nikuma3791d ago

Damn you're ugly dude. Keep your pics to yourself.

slayorofgods3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I find it funny that some 360 owners are taking a personal offense to the statement, "Square-Enix HAS been making a lot of bad games lately." Some people are acting like SE recent crap-fest automatically makes the 360 inferior or something. This is not the case, it just means SE sucks lately!!!

There are some 360 owners out there who are willing to back up SE business decisions, but are not willing to support their business decisions by actually buying SE games for the xbox 360.

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