And the Best Halo Team in the World Is...

The first Major League Gaming tournement of the year has ended and gameplayer has a review of the event up on their website, describing how the action unfolded and who were ths stars of the show.

"The lead up to this tournament however was drenched in drama of soap opera proportions, as each team scrambled to pick up the best players possible whilst securing their own star players."

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SlappingOysters3791d ago

Before this type of stuff goes fully mainstream. Like normal sport. It is just as entertaining as sport, just as competitive but twice a funny!!


Its always more fun to look at things that you do yourself in real life than looking at for an exampel football that you do not play in real life.

TheAntiFanboy3790d ago

According to Blizzard, "Soon™".

jav09183790d ago

and I don't see the skill that everyone sees. Sometimes I think I can do better.

serrels3790d ago

That Str8 didn't make the final - but I think next tournament will be a different ball game.

Final Boss also looked strong in the opening rounds.

edgeofblade3790d ago

I swear, if one of these pro-gamers said "I became a gaming master after licking a powerline", there would be a rash of electrocutions in the next 24 hours.

Who cares about a bunch of college dropouts who make their living on games? Let's look at all the deluded fatal1ty wannabees who will dropout of college and never amount to anything other than a burden on society.

bob saget remix3790d ago

Gaming is a hobby not a sport. Too bad.

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