IGN AU's Pre-E3 2009 Predictions

E3 2009 kicks off again on June 2 this year – and while that's still a couple months off, IGN AU has layed its cards on the table and made a few educated guesses about what might be shown. As always, IGN will be there in full force to bring you the world's best, most in-depth content from the show floor as it happens, and IGN AU will be doing additional content from the show too.

This year's Pre-E3 Predictions, as in previous years', hinges around percentage chances. To that end, we've added our percentage chance next to the subject of each guess to provide a little more depth to proceedings.

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ngg123453793d ago

Oh wow, I have a 98.4135412% chance that those numbers are inaccurate. And 49.753454% that the person (at ign) who decided that this editorial isn't retarded is retarded

chrisnick3793d ago

that would be a huuuuge announcement....too bad it'll look kojima look like a treacherous hypocrite.

-EvoAnubis-3793d ago

I actually hope MGS4 does go to the 360. It'd be cool for them.

chrisnick3793d ago

i know ur tryin to share but i don't want it on 360 mgs is too huge of a franchise to lose in this generation where exclusives make the console...i have nothing against multiplats but exclusivity makes software just that much more special.

-EvoAnubis-3793d ago

Normally, I'd agree, but it's been almost a year. Mostly everyone that wanted to play this game already have. Let 360 fans who don't play beyond experience this masterpiece.

Besides, look at their release calendar this year. They need it.

UltraNova3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Why not? Its shame not all people can experience Snakes story. For me MGS4 obliterated every decent Movie and Game ever made in history in terms of cinematography, plot and character development. Only certain anime series would dare touch it namely Ghost in the Shell, DeathNote, Gundam 00, Evangelion etc..

They only reason I wouldn't want this game on another system is for it to get gimped just to be released on the same time. As long as its done and perfected on the best system first and then ported to other systems I dont mind...

Snake we will not forget you.

gamesmaster3793d ago

MGS4: subsistence please... (psn download pack maybe). if not at e3, its just an idea.

PirateThom3793d ago

Still on MGS4?

I've moved on, I'm waiting for MGS5.

jBat173793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

but MGS4 is too much for the xbox - like playing crysis on a 486-class computer, like playing KZ2 on the wii.. it will explode/RRoD/E74

maybe on the xbox 720...

SinnedNogara3793d ago

My predictions:

50% Mario Game
80% New Zelda Game
10% WiiMotion Plus Enabled Wii Remote
100% Pokemon
30% Smash Bros
20% Metroid
More DS to Wii: 80%
DSi Channels 110%

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Sevir043793d ago

for sure, Mag, uncharted 2, WKC, Ratchet and Clank Future:ACIT, GOW3, Heavy Rain, MotorStorm 3<--Trust me on that one, Twisted Metal another behind closed doors showing at GDC last week which i saw, 2 game reveals from Sony Japan 1 that was shown behind closed doors at GDC which i was sooo privaligded to focus test for 5 months and the next is Fumido Ueda-san's Team Ico number 3

My Goodness. it's a damn shame i'll be on deployment and not with my focus group this E3... :( still the fire works are gonna be outrageous this year at Sony's booth and those who go in Home will be to visit E3 this year virtually.. oh yeah.. The motorstorm space launches around the same time as well. ^^

it's gonna be awesome none the less. and yes you can all quote me on what i said above. It's gonna be a big E3 this year...

GOW3 gets it's release date big stuff.

zaza1263793d ago

ummmm ok
forgive me for not believing everything on the internet like every other sane individual but who are you and where the hell did you come up with all of this stuff?
if you are some developer or some insider or something else sorry but im going to need more evidence then you just pulling out random facts out of your ass with no evidence

DMasta7183793d ago

I agree with what your saying but do you know what a focus group does?

chrisnick3793d ago

i think sev is a part of one of the playstation websites, which would explain how he would get in the gdc showings, still don't know whether or not to believe though...motorstorm3 is kinda soon.

GameOn3793d ago

Didn't the Sev guy use to leak information about a year ago or so. I thought he said he was gona stop.

Panipal20053793d ago

Take a ban bet on even one of the Sony Japan reveals you speak of actually happening. Also Team Ico's disappointed us once already and I can only put money on the same thing happening again, like a lazy boy who keeps putting off doing his homework.

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Maddens Raiders3793d ago

chance that the PS3 will continue kicking that ass.

chidori6663793d ago


Shadow Man3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

It say "Pre-E3 2009 Predictions" NOT Pre-E3 2012 Predictions

aaron58293793d ago

I dont know whether i should laugh or cry at the stupidity.

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