World's Fastest Broadband at $20 Per Home

If you get excited about the prospect of really, really fast broadband Internet service, here's a statistic that will make heart race. Or your blood boil. Or both.

Pretty much the fastest consumer broadband in the world is the 160-megabit-per-second service offered by J:Com, the largest cable company in Japan. Here's how much the company had to invest to upgrade its network to provide that speed: $20 per home passed.

The cable modem needed for that speed costs about $60, compared with about $30 for the current generation.

By contrast, Verizon is spending an average of $817 per home passed to wire neighborhoods for its FiOS fiber optic network and another $716 for equipment and labor in each home that subscribes, according to Sanford C. Bernstein & Company.

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Mario183793d ago

And I'm stuck with Comcast with blazing SUPER FAST speeds of 6mbps! And have to pay 40$ a month...

FlameBaitGod3793d ago

"Pricing at Liberty varies widely by market. In Japan, its 160 Mbps service costs 6,000 yen ($60) per month"

Wow..... when i read that i was pissed

SonyRulz3793d ago

You might want to check with Comcast on your current cable package, and also on the ACTUAL SPEED of your connection. I'm on Comcast, with the $99 3-n-1 bundle (cable, broadband and VOIP phone); my internet connection is a steady 20 Mb/s DL and 1.5 Mb/s UL. Sometimes my download reaches upwards of 26 Mb/s, and my upload up to 3.5 Mb/s.

RememberThe3573793d ago

Form where I stand 160Mbps sounds impossible...

TheDeadMetalhead3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I win! ^_^


indysurfn3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

This article FAILS. It is like a half baked, or half informed article (PS) it is $60 for the 160mb speed. But Verizon is not all it seems to be, verizon has signed on with Ambient ticker abtg.ob, to use the x-3000 node. This means any house that can get electricity (including rural areas). We will be able to get the government backed 400mb a second DOWNLOAD AND UPLOAD, the plan in South Korea and here is for over 1GB a second by 2014 (average). We are trying to pass South Korea which has 200mb, and pass China which the average is between 50mb and 100mb, not just get close to Japan and their 160mb, why did they pick Japan it is not even the fastest. And not for over $29, which is the expected mass market price of BPL (Broadband power line internet). Being a investor in the sector since 2003(one of the few sectors/industries to show a BIG gain from the dog days of summer to now), have kept up with the ins, and outs of BPL sometimes called PLC(power line communications). The government wants it, and is giving money to the sector, in the stimulus (remember the stimulus). There are test markets that are using 2004 BPL technology but soon the read deal will take off! Internet2 here we come! I'm also stuck with 16mg down, and 3mb up from Comcast. But as SOON as Duke energy(which is also in a deal with Ambient) offers it in my area I'm there! And not just because I'm a buy, and hold investor in the area, but because I can't wait to have instant movies! Download a 100meg file in a small portion of a second. click, (it disappears ) What! Did it work? Oh I guess it did, huh I didn't even get to see the status box! SWEET! No need for wireless, or Eternet wires, but it is a option. Now I can watch any tv show that is on a internet site like or without a seconds wait (except the still annoying commercials). Sweet bring it on.

fenix13003793d ago

If AT&T Uverse is any good? I can look up their official numbers, but they hardly represent the actual speed. for example my uncle is paying for comcast high speed internet but is not even getting a MB of Dl speed etc.

PlayStation3603793d ago

Fenix, to tell you the truth, it's good. Not GREAT, but I'm happy with my decision switching over to Uverse. However, what I really wanted was Verizon FiOs (and I still want FiOS), but alas, it's not offered in my area. So I got stuck with Uverse.

Sure it has it's problems, and it gets down right annoying sometimes. But it's all good though. I get up to 10MB/s DL (just tested the speed now, and it shows 9.52MB/s DL), but I decided to upgrade to 18MB/s DL asap :P.

I hope I was of some help to ya bro.

cLiCK_sLiCK93793d ago

And Im stuck with Charter cable. They promised me a 5MB connection. But my download speeds dont even reach 1MB. WTF? What does 5 Mbps mean?

I could switch to Verizon Fios for an extra $20 a month......but a 1 year commitment? Psh...

Raul_73793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

for my blazing fast speed of 1 mbps :|

Seriously! Broadband prices here are so high.

Shane Kim3792d ago

I pay around 30-40 bucks for2Mb/s. But I live in Sweden and the broadband prices are kind of cheap here.


Shane Kim doesent live in Sweden but I do :) BTW I have 8MB/s and it cost around 20$ but if you have fiber you can have up to 1Gig/s for about 100$.

SaiyanFury3792d ago

I live in the country relegated to 1.5 mbps. It seems nothing faster will come here anytime soon. ADSL blows, but as far as broadband connection goes, I'm stuck at this low bandwidth. I can barely stream DSTV quality, let alone HDTV quality. Until the US has a unified infrastructure of good broadband, this is the best I can get.

thereapersson3792d ago

In my area, I'm with Comcast and I consistently get speeds over 14 megabits when I test my connection. What's even more insane is my upload, which always peaks over 5 megabits.

Narutone663792d ago

the location. The reason for that price per household is that the density of population or household per square kilometer is very high. Unlike in the USA, the density is quite low per square kilometer, thus the reason for a much more expensive and slower broadband connection.

PR0NE3792d ago

internet connection speed is measured in bits per second while download speed is measured in bytes per second, so they didn't lie to you, this is a common misconception, 1mega internet speed doesn't offer 1mega download speed because they're simply not using the same unit, moreover 1 byte = 8 bits, so 5 Mbps offer in optimal conditions 0.625 Mega byte download speed, which is 0.625x1024(MBps= 1024KBps), 640 kilobytes per second...note that bits are represented by small letter b and bytes are represented by capital letter B :P...

Cenobia3792d ago

I can't even get cable...


The best I have up here is sattelite, and that means no online gaming. Plus they have rediculous bandwidth caps. I have to think twice before watching a video because it'll probably kill my internet for 24 hours.

The Lazy One3792d ago

I looked all over, and most places say that PLC/BPL max out at 3MBps

Boty3792d ago

My ISP = Midmaine

Midmaine advertises = 3 Mbps
What I really get = 1.5 Mbps

I know I know, BLAZING FAST.

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enjoi1873793d ago

sooo lucky....if i had internet like that though guys i dont think id have a life at all................but its worth it ah

7thNightvolley3793d ago

i have 50mb now with virgin in the uk pretty freaking fast i wonder what 1gb would feel like .. as in NO LAG WHAT SO EVER.. that would be permanently deleted from my vocab.

Solid_Skip3792d ago

Yes it's true, am in Japan with 100 Mbps and i dont want to go back to cable internet, i pay about 65 a month so the president needs to kick the cable people in the a$$ and make them upgrade our internet. its time for change and that prob would create some jobs

Narutone663792d ago

the person with the fastest broadband connection doesn't need it.

singhjeet293792d ago

When you can have the Grid?

although this would take even longer to arrive ... than just plain 160Mbps internet

sloth4urluv3792d ago

Umm that dosnt mean you get no LAG.
Depending where the server is located you can have high latency, and be laggy.

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Megaton3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

My internet just got better recently after I bought a new D-Link router and the guy from Time Warner hooked me up with a brand new modem after coming to replace a broken cable box. It peaks at 2mb/sec on downloads through the PS3 store, wirelessly.

Of course you can never have too much speed though, and those prices are ridiculously good. Japan always puts the rest of the world to shame in any field that involves tech.

SonyRulz3793d ago

I would CRY if I only got 2 Mb/s. :o

Megaton3793d ago

@3.2 - Mine used to be pretty slow, like 1mb/4 - 12sec.

XiaoSet3793d ago

Mine is about 15MB/s and can download a 1.4GB file from the PSN store in 20 minutes, but I even find that slow...

Megaton3793d ago

What country do you live in/provider do you have?

XiaoSet3793d ago

Canada - Nova Scotia (near Maine)
ISP = Aliant

Megaton3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Wait, at 15mb/s you should be able to download a 1.4g file in under 2 mins. At my 2mb/s I could download a file that size in less than 20 mins.

XiaoSet3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

My routers wireless isn't so great. I'm not a direct hookup.
You and I are talking megaBITS and not megaBYTES right..?

Megaton3793d ago

Nah, I'm talking about bytes, file size.

XiaoSet3793d ago

Well, when things like this are shown, it's megabits, not bytes, so 15MB/s, which I have, is the equivalent to constant 700kb/s speeds, if downloading from a good server.

Megaton3793d ago

I know the article is talking about 160 Mbps. Mine hovers around 10 - 14Mbps at

7thNightvolley3793d ago

Its south korea they are using 500mbps now .. and want to go 1gbps so this article is a fail. japan is not even as big on the ranks.

Kakkoii3793d ago

Mbps = Megabits per second.
MB/s = Megabytes per second.

Megaton3793d ago

That's how I've always written it, 3.13.

RememberThe3573793d ago

I just went there and test my connection.

Guess what? I got 1.33Mbps download speed! Thats way faster then I thought! My day just got a little bit brighter, too bad I got to hit the hay soon.

CRAIG6673793d ago

dude,but that really slow man,nothing to brag about really,i pay 2.50 a month for 8meg but i live rite next to the exchange,sometimes get speeds of 12 meg and above,which aint to bad but still the whole country(UK)should be faster.

Megaton3793d ago

For repeated reference, I wasn't talking about 2 Mbps in my original post, I was talking about 2 MEGABYTES PER SECOND DOWNLOADING ITEMS FROM THE PS3 STORE WIRELESSLY. Hope that's clear enough.

Here's what SpeedTest says I'm running right now.

RussDeBuss3792d ago

bits and bytes people, don;t confuse them.

8 bits to the byte, so "remember the 357" do u mean bits or bytes when u only get peak of 160/s ? what kinda connection runs at 160k? i could understand 160K, wich would be about 1.5meg

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II Necroplasm II3793d ago

Well goodbye high speed DSL!

snipermk03792d ago

japan just totally rocks! And yet, you don't see them showing off their tech unlike other countries. *whistle whistle*

Phoenix173793d ago

dats awesome speeds man but we all gotta remember the Yen currency is much more higher than the US dollar right now so those 20bucks probably is different in Yens but again that's a good price for all those mbps especially for gaming!!!! ^-^ GO JAPAN!!!!!

SonyRulz3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

"20 bucks" = $20....there's no reason to give the Yen equivalent, when the article is written in English, for an AMERICAN WEBSITE. But, based on this quote ""Pricing at Liberty varies widely by market. In Japan, its 160 Mbps service costs 6,000 yen ($60) per month" would be about 2000 Yen.