PS3 Owners Don't Buy Games? Yea Right

There has been much discussion as to whether or not Playstation 3 owners purchase as many games as Xbox 360 owners. The general consensus is they don't. With a little research, one is able to uncover the truth. The results are surprising.

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Spike473788d ago

so they bash the game's decent sales and say that PS3 owners don't buy games.
Truth is Sony doesn't throw in the huge marketing campaigns that MS does, so you can't expect games to sell close to Halo 3.

FlameBaitGod3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Agreed with what you said. If i read right, M$ spends 30mil on ads for many of their games. that's a lot.

Why dis3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Haters and not devs?

"In order to find a more definitive answer as to whether or not PS3 owners actually purchased less games than 360 owners, I decided to do a comparison of 9 of the most popular multiplatform games that have been released in roughly the last year."

^^ Most popular multi platform games were Playstation exclusives or associated with the Playstation brand. Its like old popular Xbox exclusives going multi platform and people saying xbox 360 fans buy games because they are being purchased despite the PS3 versions always selling more.

soxfan20053788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Why is somehow considered taboo to spend money promoting your games and consoles? PS3 supporters try to make Sony look like some independent Mom & Pop operation, unable to produce large advertising budgets, being squeezed out of the market, while Microsoft is almost considered "evil" because they give their products the support they deserve. People seem to have very short memories, because since the introduction of the PS1, Sony was always the company with the biggest advertising campaigns. As a matter of fact, it is widely believed by marketing experts that Sony's intensive marketing of the PS1 created the huge game market as we know it today. Don't blame a company for doing what is the best interests of their products.

thats_just_prime3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

anyone can get the numbers to do anything they want. Its funny how ps3 fanboy were all hhg suck when he post like 1 pro 360 article now that he's posting pro sony crap again all of a sudden they are all back to OMFG I love the hiphopps3fangirl


KZ2 1.3 million
Haze 0.73 million
NGS 0.45 million

Total 2.48 million games sold


Halo 3 9.40 million
Gears 5.87 million
Gears 2 4.75 million

Total 19.22 million games sold

Its obvious that the 360 sells 8 times as many games.

Not that vgcharts uses actual data of any kind or that the hiphopfangirl doesnt have his lips so tight around sony's @ss that his full of sh!t

indysurfn3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Sony is ten times better at advertising than Microsoft! They have the best commercials I've seen! Halo 3 is the only thing that Microsoft has done a decent job on(gears fail because the game looks better than the commercial that is a negative selling job!) Give Sony a break on that. I have NEVER seen Sony make a game look worse than it is in a commercial. They have awesome advertising talent! Kick ars! The marketing department is blamed for everything there. First for being arrogant (which they have stopped). Now for not having big advertisements? Even now I see killzone 2 commercials, way after launch! And social commercials showing all kinds of games on the walls ceiling, they look sweet!

The only thing wrong with PS3 besides price is there needs to be more AAA titles. And better graphics in more games (especially multi-platform games) Because people will buy it if it is there. Right now I see a run of games that are fully 1080p coming out on 360 I think it is about to become a standard. All Sony needs to do is share the engines they make!

Look at the attach ratio, that is what shows how many games a person buys per system. That is why it is called: wait for it.....ATTACH-ratio! How many games are attached (bought) with each system, hench the words ATTACH-RATIO! If there are 8 games attached to a xbox360, and 5 attached to PS3 than that means xbox gamers buy that many AVERAGE per console! No need to skew the numbers by excluding Halo3, killzone2, gears of war2, little big planet, fable II, metal gear solid4. ATTACH RATIO say it!
A.T.T.A.C.H R.A.T.I.O. There we go Kyle there we go!

This is just a select small amount of games. There are 33+ AAA million sellers on xbxo360, and about 10 on PS3. That is why it sales less (beside price, and multi-platform graphics).

The average age for a ps3 owner is older than a xbox360 owner which means we have more money to buy games with! I know a FEW people did buy the ps3 for movies but frankly for $189 at you could get a blu-ray player, and some movies, plus some change, before you spend $400 for a ps3 for movies! Those where the early buyers not the current ones that is a old argument against ps3 owners.

The attach ratio tells you how many games per system are bought! DUH! That is what it is for! That is what developers, and publishers use! This is a self serving analysis, you can make any number if you are allowed to select a certain criteria! With this criteria you are not letting the exclusives be part of the comparison! What are you scared of?

I did not murder him3788d ago

Must be hundreds of ads like this Sony hammered us with ads so often I can't get the PS chime-bing sound out of my head.

PLAYSTATION *in womans slight computer voice*

ShadowRyuX3788d ago

I see your fangirl is showing. Comparing Haze & Ninja Gaiden Sigma to Halo 3 and GeoW? That is just ridiculously slanted! If you want a real comparison at least compare top sellers!

PS3 Top 5:
1. GTAIV - 5.53m
2. CoD4: MW - 4.12m
3. MGS4 - 3.89m
4. R:FOM - 3.57m
5. Motorstorm - 3.47m
Total: 20.58m
Consoles per top 5 games: 1.04
360 Top 5:
1. Halo 3 - 9.40m
2. CoD4:MW - 7.21m
3. GTAIV - 6.95m
4. GeoW - 5.87m
5. CoD:WaW - 5.24m
Total: 34.67
Consoles per Top 5 games: 0.85

So the top 5 360 titles have roughly 1.68x the sales of the PS3 top 5. Now while that is a lead, it is a realistic lead and not your overbearing fanboyism.

kurochi3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

@ 1.7

You have a point.....

However, I'd like to see how much actual profit MS and Sony makes after all is said and done. I have a strong feeling that Sony makes more profit on these games than MS due to MS' huge cost in their advertising campaign for each of their games.

But what do I know? I'm just a lowly gamer..... looking to get off on the next Japanese rape game.....

beans3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

"The average age for a ps3 owner is older than a xbox360 owner which means we have more money to buy games with" Your entire argument went to nothing after that comment. How in the heck do you know who makes more money than another? If I remember correctly at the launch of PS3 those guys looked no different than the guys standing in line then the guys at launch for 360. Quit stereo typing unless you have a link to back your claim. Also attach ratio means a lot to MS and Sony but total games sold are what developers are looking at and gamers hoping for a sequel or exclusives. I will admit that PS2 use to have the best commercials but now it's all xbox.

Edit above 1.8: With numbers like that the advertisement is easily payed for. 360 makes more profit because it's cheaper to develop for and sells more games. One thing he needs to add is exclusive content for 360 which means MS makes even much more money on top of the original sale. Also don't forget how cheap it was to make gears versus KZ2 and MGS4. I bet Sony is losing a lot of money on games unlike MS.

RememberThe3573788d ago

Well a couple of years ago Sony Corp. decided that they wanted SCE to start making money. I know, weird right?

Well, when your not making money the first pile of cash that gets cut off is the advertising budget. When your advertising budget gets cut, you can't advertise as much.

Hens why we in the Americas don't see much advertising, because SCEA is having a hard time making money.

SCE is trying to maintain profitability, you can't do that by throwing a butt load of money at a huge advertising champaign.

I'm one of those people who wants SCE to advertise more. It would pay for itself by getting more people aware of the great games they publish. The more people aware of your game the more people to buy it. But, I suppose you can't spend what you don't have.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3788d ago

Xbox 360 has been significantly cheaper upfront since launch, so assuming PS3 and 360 demographics are more or less the same, then 360 owners would have additional disposable income to spend on games, at least initially.

Xbox 360 has been out in the market longer.

PS3 has gotten some sh1tty ports of multiplatform games, so why should they sell well on PS3? Take the orange box, or Madden 07 or the Wheelman. Hell, take any timed exclusive on 360, why should they sell a lot on PS3? PS3 owners will have moved on towards newer games, and that applies to games like Tales of Vesperia, Eternal Sonata, Bioshock, Lost Planet, etcetera.

Regardless of what Sony did for PS1 or PS2 in their respective eras in terms of marketing (which is irrelevant today), it is undeniable that Xbox 360 exclusives have gotten a whole lot more advertising in comparison to PS3 exclusives, timed or not.

Achievements have been standard on 360 since it launched, PS3 barely got trophies as a standard this year. Not that *that* is an excuse for Sony or PS3 owners, but it's certainly another valid explanation.

First party game sales shouldn't be considered by Xbox fanboys in terms of "reasons for third parties to keep supporting Xbox 360". Halo 3 game sales and Gears of War game sales are irrelevant to every other third party developer that didn't make those games. It's obvious that a game like Halo, which is a household name and which got as much advertising budget as it got for its "development" budget, will outsell a game like Uncharted which is not household, has no multiplayer, and little or no advertising, not to mention a smaller install base and is not as easy to pick up and play like Halo, not to mention it's not a gorefest like Gears of War or a porn game. Killzone 2 is a sequel to a critically smashed game and it didn't get as much budget as Halo 3. Regardless of all these facts, 3rd party devs only care about their own sales, and so far AAA third party games have sold on PS3 and 360 on a very similar ratio to their install base ratios. Take RE5, Burnout, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, COD, GTAIV, etcetera. They're not as far apart as first party games are; and who cares if first party games are far apart? Sony has a different business model, and Sony probably makes as much profit from their own development houses as Microsoft does even if it sells less, because it advertises less, so both Microsoft and Sony have as much incentive to make first party games (but then again, why is Microsoft closing studios and Sony opening new studios?). As a gamer I don't care who sells more or profits more, I care about having more games to play and I'm very satisfied with both consoles.

The PlayStation brand isn't defined by a single genre or game like Nintendo is by Mario and the touch generations or Xbox is by Halo and Gears. PlayStation has many moderate selling games spanning several genres. If developers only cared about total game sales, then Wii would be getting all the love and it isn't. Not everything is pink in Xbox land anyway, check Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Kameo, Viva Piñata... they're not console sellers or Halo-like sellers.

Xbox fanboys should get through their skulls that PS3 is catching up relatively fast, especially in terms of third party game sales and that's why so many games are being announced for PS3, in fact more exclusives are. Not only that, but the lack of piracy on PS3 is definitely attractive, so much so that it makes sense to make PS3 exclusives since it guarantees that, by being available in no other format, you'll either have to buy the game or simply not play it.

UltraNova3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Personally I have bought 46 games on the ps3 so far and I have like 10 more waiting on my amazon wish list to be bought as well..

All of my friends who have ps3's have at least 15 games in their collection, whereas friends of mine who have a 360 most of them since launch have about 20 (3 1/2 years now) 5 out of the 7 who owned 360's defected to a ps3 (that happened when I bought GT 5:P along with my 52" FULL HD screen and they came over to see the game, I haven't seen so many jaws fell on the ground since then :p). So this notion of ps3 owners not buying games is all crap for me...

In my opinion no other console has this make people defect from other systems. There isnt a single game on the 360 that would defect me to it, why? the best games on the 360 are also on the pc and my brothers PC is a regular home supercomputer... If Alan finally wakes (and I am still in my 20s :p) and it doesnt come out on the pc which most probably will I will consider buying it for my diehard 360 buddy so we can play it together. But thats about it...

Now dont get all worked up you 360 lovers I am not bashing the 360 I am simply saying that the 360 no longer appeals to me and my circle of friends and its easy to see why simply by looking on the ps3's line up so far and even better the line up which is to come!

Now I only have 1hr left better go back to Kilzone now!

SaiyanFury3788d ago

PS3 owners don't buy games? Really? Last I checked, I have over 30 games for my PS3 alone. Let alone my ability to import PS3 games from other regions and have them play on my system. I have games for my 360, and for my PSP (some also region free). I don't buy games? Heh, if that's what the author of this article wants to believe, then he's in the dark. The large majority of games I buy this gen is for my PS3.

SL1M DADDY3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

So all else matters not to me. So many articles from the HHG-Show... Too bad none of the works are any good.

For the record, I used to like him but lately he is more concerned with his rating than his quality. Dump Davis already, he has made you bitter and hungry for more ratings. One day you will look back and see what you have become and wish you would have secured a more stable fanbase. Catering to the fanboys is a path to quick dissolution.

Megatron083788d ago

ps3 fanboys are to stupid to know how to buy games is the problem all the ps3 games that have sold a million plus have all been "sold" with ps3. Sony give anyway more games then they actually sell

Fallen_Angel3788d ago

The only reason ps3 has any game sells at all are the extreme diehard fanboys that will buy any game as long as its a ps3 exclusive no matter how crappy it is. The ps3 is a great system for lil unheard of companies (or companies that make bad games)to make games for cause sony will pay for the exclusive and fanboys will buy it and hype it to be the 2nd coming of the ps3 no matter how god awful the game is *cough* mgs4 *cough*

On the other hand 360 has so many AAA games that its hard for new titles to stand out.

ps3d03788d ago

WB hiphopfangirl you are once again the beloved SDF hero of n4g

JeffGUNZ3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

What? Is it opposite day? Dude, check out Gears 1 and Gears 2 commercials, they are unbelievable. Look at KZ2's, it's a joke, it's a bullet going slow across a screen, which shows it's going to hit the enemy. That's the only TV commercial I have seen for that game, it should have had like 5 commercials, since this game was their money maker. Their advertising is pathetic, they just expect people to know what games are coming out and when. To sit here and type that Sony is better advertising then Micorsoft is just pure fanboy hatred. Sony is great and all, but they need to work on their advertising for this gen, it's non-existent.

Tito Jackson3788d ago

SPEND money to MAKE money.

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The gaming GOD3788d ago

Just look at the later multiplatform releases (RE5 SF4 Tomb Raider) and you see that the ps3 versions are outselling the 360 version despite this 8million unit console lead MS loves to talk about. So how fanboys love to say "oh people only buy ps3 for blu ray" is just flat out ignorant.

indysurfn3788d ago

I can't believe you said that! You mean you didn't know the salary goes up by age? Now you need a link?
Link is at the bottom but a summary is pasted below this line.

Average Salary by Age

Younger than 30 - $33,333

31-40 - $43,941

41-50 - $57,258

51-60 - $57,787

61 and Older - $50,581

And there are a million links like it!

soxfan20053788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Using those games as examples proves nothing because there are other AAA games in that same timespan that sell at close to a 2-1 ratio in favor of 360. Call of Duty:World at War, Fallout 3, Saints Row 2, etc.

beans3788d ago

I wonder though if wii owners are actually older than both 360 and PS3 gamers. They never talk mess and just enjoy what they have unlike us. Maybe the fanboy arguments are the sole reason MS an Sony can't get a break this gen.

uxo223788d ago

"As it turns out, a higher percentage of the PS3 install base bought multi-platform title when compared to the 360 version"

Smaller numbers will aways result in higher percentages. If console #1 sells 1,000,000 units of software and has an install base of 3,000,000 that would equate to 33.3 percent. On the other hand if a console #2 sells 10,000,000 and has an install base of 30,000,000 that too would equate to 33.3 percent. But the bottom line is that console #2 sold 9,000,000 more units of software than console #1.

The reason I mention this is simple, publishers and developers can care less what percentage of a install base bought a title. They would much rather be treated to high unit sells. They make their money on per units sold. The percentage game can be tricky and very misleading.

"Disregard those raw sales numbers to the left, as they were simply used as cell references to calculate the Xbox 360 percentages"

Okay, so what was used to calculate the PS3 percentages? Additionally where did the author get his numbers from and are they accurate? He would need to get accurate numbers on all the games that he chose to use in his expperiment and the accurate number of consoles sold for all included consoles.

I guess what I'm say here is that this article is pointless and simple only serves as flame bait, and the information is most likely NOT accurate.

Lastly, did the author, choose the titles that would best fit his position on how he wanted it to turn out? I see he said that he wanted to compare the most popular games.

Icecold333788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Great point, I even took the liberty of displaying the actual numbers that show the unit sells differential. To further show how easily numbers can be used to mislead people.

---------------360-------%--- -----PS3------------%------360 Diff +/-
GTA IV-----6,963,840----23%------- 5,530,000-----26%______+1,433, 8 40
WAW--------5,240,000----18%-- -----3,130,000-----15%______+2 , 110,000
FIFA 09----1,760,000----6%--------2 ,080,000-----10%_______(320,00 0 )
FALLOUT 3--2,630,000----9%--------1,36 0,000-----6%_______+1,270,000
RE5--------1,350,000----5%--- -----1,530,000-----7%________( 1 80 ,000)
Madden 09--2,260,000----8%--------1,5 60,000-----7%________+700 ,000
NFS--------1,920,000----6%--- -----1,630,000-----8%________+ 2 90 ,000
Starwars---1,660,000----6%--- -----1,140,000-----5%________+ 5 20 ,000
COD4-------7,210,000----24%-- -----4,120,000-----19%______+3 , 090,000

Avg---------------------12%-- -------------------11%______+8 , 913,840

aaron58293788d ago

I'd really like to understand your point...

But errr... maybe it's just me, but that's so confusing.


Good try though.

KingME3788d ago

Numbers can be tricky, it actually depends on what the author is trying to get you to see (whether he wants to mislead you or not.)

What Icecold was saying is: (Bottom line)

GTA IV +1,433,840 for the 360
WAW +2,110,000 for the 360
FIFA 09 +320,000 For the PS3
FALLOUT 3 +1,270,000 For the 360
RE5 +180,000 For the PS3
Madden 09 +700 ,000 for the 360
NFS +290,000 for the 360
Starwars +520,000 for the 360
COD4 +3,090,000 for the 360

Overall in these 9 games the 360 has sold 8,913,840 more units
(numbers taken from VGCharts of course.)

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popcan3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

The only AAA game is G rated and the only worthy content on the PS3 has no multiplayer, is about 2-3 hours long, and has 'Special Features' and 'Scene Selection' options on the menu.

Xbox 360's exclusives and multiplatforms outsell and out rate their PS3 counterparts. Hopefully the article will help Sony realize that the gamers come first.

There are anomalies like Wii Fit, but quality games will sell. Trust me, Sony.

PirateThom3788d ago

Don't stop believin'
Hold on to the feelin'

FPShooter3788d ago

I cant even begin to explain how wrong you are.

N4PS3G3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )


There goes the whole article .. VGchartz is good for Guesstimates ..i don't have a problem with them...but don't take them seriously..because just like the name says ..they are GUESStimates

Hitting the disagree button won't change the fact that he's using VGC numbers ..there's no way to get full numbers of world wide sales

but if this help..this are real numbers from Multiple games from the NPD..obviosluy not world wide..but accurate numbers

Assassin’s Creed - 2.3m (360), 1.15m (PS3)
Bioshock - 998k (360), 106k (PS3)
The Bourne Conspiracy - 103k (360), 83k (PS3)
Burnout Paradise - 371k (360) 306k (PS3)
Civilization Revolution - 96k (DS), 254k (360), 149k (PS3)
The Darkness - 284k (360), 133k (PS3)
Dark Sector - 139k (360), 97k (PS3)
Dead Space - 337k (360), 212k (PS3)
Dynasty Warriors 6 - 113k (360), 103k (PS3), 26k (PS2)
Eternal Sonata - 98k (360), 33k (PS3)
Fallout 3 - 1.14m (360), 452k (PS3)
Fight Night 3 - 1.19M (360) 526k (PS3)
Guitar Hero 3 - 2.37M (360) 830k (PS3) 2.75M (Wii)
Guitar Hero: World Tour - 924k (360) 466k (PS3) 1.39M (Wii)
Kane & Lynch - 300k (360), 197k (PS3)
Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore 1 - 85k (360) 46k (PS3)
Karaoke Revolution Presents American Idol Encore 2 - 20k (36o) 16k (PS3)
Lego Batman - 207k (360), 128k (PS3), 507k (PS2), 420k (Wii)
Lego Indiana Jones - 241k (360), 142k (PS3), 456k (PS2), 563k (Wii)
Mirror’s Edge - 207k (360), 125k (PS3)
Mortal Kombat vs DC - 592k (360), 512k (PS3)
Prince of Persia - 282k (360), 248k (PS3)
Pure - 158k (360) 92k (PS3)
Rock Band 1 - 1.65M (360) 648k (PS3) 1.03M (Wii)
Rock Band 2 - 1.02M (360) 384k (PS3) 353k (Wii)
Saints Row 2 - 480k (360), 188k (PS3)
Saints Row 2 [Collector's Edition only] - 30k (360), 11k (PS3)
Shaun White - 271k (360), 141k (PS3), 537k (Wii)
Silent Hill 5 - 73k (360), 84k (PS3)
Skate - 606k (360) 202k (PS3)
Sonic Unleashed - 113k (360), 69k (PS3), 315k (Wii)
Soul Calibur 4 - 500k (360), 353k (PS3)
Star Wars Force Unleashed - 823k (360) 464k (PS3) 626k (Wii) 175k (DS) 263k (PSP) 352k (PS2)
Tiger Woods 09 - 216k (360), 174k (PS3), 565k (Wii)
Unreal Tournament III - 164k (360) 219k (PS3)

He's using can read it at the end of the article...
I'm cool with VGchartz numbers but atleast i know they don't represent real numbers

but whatever believe whatever you want


anubis123788d ago

look at those disagrees.....some people are obviously blind lol

PirateThom3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Ah yes, NDP, America... where the 360 has a lead of millions, but the game difference is hundres of thousands of units.

Add in Europe and the difference, well, it doesn't look so "vast".

Maybe we should just take Japanese sales to prove PS3 sells more consoles than 360 worldwide.

pwnsause3788d ago

i like how 360 onwers use vgchartz to their advantage when the numbers look "right" to them.

ukilnme3788d ago

@ pwnsause

I can't help but add that it goes both ways.

N4PS3G3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

I know NPD is only for america...i stated that before..and Obviously japanese numbers should be added...but sadly ..half of the games on that list ( mostly western games )don't sell 3 copies for neither console in japan..except for big titles like Resident Evil or GTA

The only missing numbers are from Europe..and thats what i was stating..that there's no way to get full world wide numbers..because only the NPD and Japan (Media Create) provide charts AND Sales Numbers

Obviously ..the gap is going to be please...go on.. post Japanese numbers..its cool..both are real numbers...give them to mee and i'll post them too..i just don't have them

Like i said before ..nothing against VGchartz numbers...they are good Guesstimates...but believing they are true is something else

lowcarb3788d ago

Well if those numbers are even close to accurate I would say PS3 fanboys in this thread need to just shut the he11 up. The PS3 can't compete with 360 in software sales period. Also there are more 360 exclusives out right now this year than PS3 exclusives, and come E3 that will grow even larger. 360 sells more worldwide and those claiming different are nothing more but in denial.

Bubble Buddy3788d ago

N4PS3G has a point on the numbers. But this is like a spin. If we only had accurate numbers for the rest of the world BUT NA, you would see 360 isn't selling as much software as shown in only NA.

swiftshot933788d ago

Your list has proven that a higher percentage of PS3 owners buy games than 360 owners do. The 360 has over 2:1 lead on PS3 in America. Now look at those numbers, save for a couple most of the 360 version games did NOT have a 2:1 lead.

raztad3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

The problem with those games is that many of them were released very early in the PS3 lifespan, while MS secured time exclusive contract for some others, Bioshock comes to mind. Another thing is that PS3 has some exclusive titles that compete with multiplats, for example MotorStorm and Pure. Saint Rows had a following on the xbox but not on the PS3 before the second iteration, and then you have GTA4. Sadly, both EA new IPs sold pretty bad on both consoles nothing to brag about.

We need a new list with new data from more recenty released games. This year is pretty interesting because SF4, RE5 and a bunch of new multiplats. Overall, IMO PS3 sales have been pretty healthy and profitable and that is what matter most, not which console is selling a little more.

hhahahaha, it's pretty funny I got a phantom disagree for stating some facts :D

icup23788d ago

The 360 fanboi holding on to NPD like dear life, developers/company's lool to worldwide numbers and not just N.A.

beans3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

I disagree with you because you fail to give credit where it is due. Sure the PS3 has had some healthy sales, but to ignore 360 sales as if they hold nothing is just plain pathetic. You see it doesn't matter how many more consoles 360 has to PS3 because developers are only worried about how many games they can put out. I agree Sony puts out decent numbers, but when are you people going to just accept the fact that 360 just sells more games.

edit icup: If these numbers were for PS3 you know dang well you would be singing a different tune. Also what makes you think that worldwide PS3 is selling more software? Until we see some actual numbers your theory is worthless.

soxfan20053788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )


Your logic is flawed. What you said would make sense only if EVERY 360 owner owned just ONE game. If every 360 owner owns 9 games, which I believe is the current attach rate, the differences in sales of the multi-platform games included in those 9 would, on average, equal roughly the millions of consoles that the 360 leads by.

RememberThe3573788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Lets look at this for a moment. the 360 has a 2-1 lead over the PS3 in North America. So how in the hell do you guys actually think that showing that games sell more on the 360 then PS3 in America would surprise anyone.

The face that there is a 2-1 difference in sales of hardware yet not in software shows how well the PS3 is doing. Maybe you guys should have thought of a better way to bash a console.

You know, if the hardware sales in North America where relatively even and 360 games were outselling PS3 games like you show, then you would have a point. But as it is right now, you proved the opposite of what you were trying to prove.

And I find it funny when publishers come out with their earnings showing that the PS3 is their biggest source of revenue, and you guys act like they're lying or something, like its Sony propaganda.

Get over it. So what if one console sells a bit more games then the other? Do you guys really hate Sony that much? If so, get over it. Because they certainly don't give two sh*ts about you.

lowcarb3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

This has nothing to do with hatred for Sony. The fact that guys like you just don't want to give MS any credit for being the under dog is where the problem lies. Now if you would pay attention you will quickly understand that it doesn't matter if xbox has a 1-1 or a 6-1 lead to developers because there only concerned with the amount of games they get out. It may not sound fair but even when 360 had smaller numbers in the 10 to 15 million range they still sold more games then PS3 at the same time of life. Also just so you know, 360 gamers don't hate PS3 or Sony, and have been on defense mode ever since the original xbox. If you guys would quit acting like the world revolves around Sony the battle would quickly die out.

edit below: Ok I can't speak for everyone which is true.I'm sure there's tons of hate on both sides.

"3. I'm not a developer, and your not talking to developers. I fail to see why this matter considering how many exclusives the PS3 has on the way. Apparently they don't care as mush as you think."

It doesn't matter but it's the topic. Also we don't know whats coming out this year until E3 so let's just wait and hope the best.

"4. The world doesn't revolve around Sony it revolves around the Sun, and I don't know where I gave you the impression that I thought that"

Maybe not you but over the years I've built up this impression from many on this site. To be fair you also have 360 gamers that think it all revolves around MS.

RememberThe3573788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

1. My comment was directed toward you but 360 fanboys, in general.

2. Don't speak for 360 fanboys. We all know that some hate Sony and the PlayStation. You may not (thats good), but there are some that do, and their attempts to make it look like the 360 is blowing the PS3 out of the water are ridicules.

3. I'm not a developer, and your not talking to developers. I fail to see why this matter considering how many exclusives the PS3 has on the way. Apparently they don't care as mush as you think.

4. The world doesn't revolve around Sony it revolves around the Sun, and I don't know where I gave you the impression that I thought that. I did grow up with Walkman CD players and PlayStations under my TV, but at the same time I grew up in Seattle across Lake Washington from Bill gate and Microsoft. They did a lot of stuff for the Seattle School District with sponsorship and things like that. So I have a lot of gratitude for that as well. Like Shuhei Yoshida I want to see both do well and thrive. I'm not a fanboy because I'm not an idiot (most of the time).

Morbius4203788d ago

Uh dude...I think they care about us very much since we are thier source of revenue.

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jvillan3788d ago

is the only numbers we really have

AngryTypingGuy3788d ago

Ah yes, percentages. Hypothetically, if only 10 PS3's were sold (just pretend for a minute, I know it's beyond some of you, so forgive me)and a multiplatform game was bought by 9 out of those 10 PS3 owners, then that means that 90% of PS3 owners bought the multiplatform title, crushing the percentages of intalled base customers who bought the same title on the 360. But the bottom line is that only 9 copies were sold.

See what I'm getting at? A slightly higher percentage of the PS3 installed base bought GTA, yet it still sold more on the 360. The bottom line is that multiplatform titles sell more on the 360.