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Hellsvacancy3788d ago

This is my next proper game purchase (day 1) anythin else till thens pretty much gonna b a rent 4me but thats a point has any1 got any rough idea when its due out? i read sum-where (N4g i think) that it was listed 4 release July of this year (which i dont thinks correct)

- Ghost of Sparta -3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

David Cage said 2009 but he didn't give an exact date.

^ Aw man this dude is about to get it BAD.

Hellsvacancy3788d ago

That pic does look does look abit fu<ked up but its certainly got my attention infact i decided i was gonna buy it when i learnt that QuanticDream was makin it, i loved Farenheit

lolol1233788d ago

most likely will be my next purchase too. the art direction looks unbelievable. creepy creepy creepy. i cannot wait for this. i hope ti turns out amazingly

LusoGamer3788d ago

Nice pics,I love this kind of art.

By the way, 4th July? Don't think so, maybe 2009 Q4 or 2010 Q1.

callahan093788d ago

Wow. Sex scene with a knife. That's a crazy picture.

This game has some of the most incredible concept art I've ever seen. Such detail.

erathaol3788d ago

I'm betting that the writing will be just as solid.

PrimordialSoupBase3788d ago

Scene with the military doesn't correlate to anything we've seen before. Makes you wonder how a murder plot is going to get there.

CaitSith3788d ago

Call me weird, but the twisted nature of that scene makes me want this game even more. New concepts towards game-play always seem to catch my eye.

squidyj3788d ago

They're definitely decked out but i'm not entirely convinced they're military.

erathaol3788d ago

Your thinking SWAT team. It would fit to the surroundings of the picture, which looks to be a market place. As you can see products lined up on the shelves and lines that look like part of a shopping cart.

- Ghost of Sparta -3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Indigo Prophecy had a sex scene too but it was nothing like what's shown in that picture.

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jkhan3788d ago

Can't wait for this game. This game was suppose to come out during summer'09. They haven't really shown any actual game footage. What was shown last year was ingame footage but wasn't part of the actual game. Hope we see some details at Sony Gamer's Day. When is it anyways? Any solid news. Last year it was May.

Gambit073788d ago

My most anticipated game, period.

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The story is too old to be commented.