Afterthoughts on Resident Evil 5

Well DaSolidProof finally finished Resident Evil 5 (on both systems might add) and while it was great game it was deeply flawed. It wasn't even close to 20% of the hype.
As a Resident Evil fan, DaSolidProof was deeply disappointed, and felt the developing team behind this project had way more than enough time to take the franchise into a new direction, but instead they did nothing innovating.

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TheDeadMetalhead3793d ago

with my PS3 and I am also deeply disappointed. Yes, it looks great, and your AI-controlled ally (in addition to online co-op) is really cool. But other than that, it's exactly like RE4. Hell, Capcom even recycled the hit animations for the enemies. That's just pathetic.

Also, RE5 has some major design problems. For example, you have to search through your inventory while you're in the action (no paused menu). This SHOULD be a great new addition, but since you can't even move while you're searching, you just have to stand there like a chump and search through your inventory while your enemies beat the living **** out of you.

I might take it back after I beat it, and get MotorStorm: Pacific Rift or LBP instead. :/