Why the future looks bright for PC gaming

Is PC gaming dying, changing or growing? Anyone who answered dying, go and stand in the corner. If you answered either changing or growing, have a biscuit and feel proud of yourself. That said, every man and his blogging dog seems to have their own pet theory on the state of PC gaming, and that can make it wildly tricky.

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SonyRulz3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

...PC gaming has been dead FOR YEARS. Case in point, I just got FarCry and Beyond Good & Evil off Steam this past weekend, since Ubi had the "4 pack for $10" deal.
Though I'd played BG&E on XBOX, it's not 360 compatible, so I got the PC version to play it again with my wife. I figured, a game that old...on 2 y.o. PC with decent specs...this should be NO PROBLEM.


1.) It took me a few HOURS to figure out which combination of filters, effects, etc. I needed on/off or low/med/high...just to get it to RUN. Again, this is an OLD GAME, and my PC is an Intel 2.6 C2D, with 4gb RAM, and an Nvidia 8600 GTX. With my XBOX, I only had to pop in the disc, and play...PERIOD.

2.) There's ZERO controller support, so I had to download XPadder, and attempt to configure it to replace all of the goofy keyboard commands they assigned to the game. Anyone who REALLY THINKS using WSAD is better than a simple Analog a MORON.

EDIT: Oh look...disagrees from 2 spineless PC zombies. By all means, tell me about how your vb3r 3L173 PC rig can run Crysis on Ultra-High settings...I'm sure we'll all be impressed.

phosphor1123785d ago

Don't buy a computer that powerful if you don't know how to use it. Learn what kind of settings take how much power and so on. For example, you can have a game look really nice, but not need lots of things for it to look that good.


- Highest texture settings make sure everything doesn't look muddy.
- Low model settings, even though there are ALOT less polygons, it will look almost exactly the same unless you are in someones grill. It takes more for a GPU to render polygons than to stream textures.
- Shaders take a lot of power, but the 8800 can handle them well, keep that med - high settings
- Anti Aliasing - anything higher than 2xMSAA (or w/e version is supported) really isn't necessary for a game to blend the polys well.
- Texture filtering doesn't take up much either, all it does is it resamples the textures at mutliple angles so the textures appear more clear at extreme angles.
- V-sync usually doesn't take much either. Having a higher FPS doesn't mean it will look/run better than a lower FPS with no screen tearing.
- Post processing of any kind is hefty. Usually stuff like Bloom, HDR (im not sure if thats post proc or not), motion blur and so on. Keep the blur off, you'll be less likely to puke when fps drops. Also, because it will be off, FPS will be higher, meaning no need for motion blur. The 8800 is capable of doing HDR well, so youll be fine.
- Volumetric lighting, heft work on a GPU, you have 4 gigs though, you can probably pull it off well.
- Particle effects (non volumetric), decals and so on aren't that much of a heavy hitter either. You can usually control the max number of decals at once, which helps, but you most likely wont need it. Also, particle effects don't stress the card too much, you could probably play FEAR 1 with max settings on that, and FEAR has a lot of that going on.
- Don't play a game at a res below 1024 x 768, it forces your gpu to downscale lots of things, and sometimes that uses up more power than upscaling, since many drivers and such are built to upscale.

I don't feel like typing more..I hope this helped for anyone who doesn't know these techniques and stuff.

TheRealSpy3785d ago

would you buy a crazy fast car if you're never going to drive above the speed limit?

also, for a long time, everyone that had a computer had to know how to use it. then in the early 90s we started getting personal PCs and that all ended.

but for the ppl that stuck with it, they now have great systems for minimal costs because they know how to build and tweak on their own. i think consoles are great, especially for ppl that know absolutely nothing about pc, but pc gaming will always be at the forefront of progress in gaming. it's the way it always has been and always will be. the most innovative ideas for games come to pc first. sometimes years before you see em on console.

plus then you factor in mods, and user made content, and dedicated, admin run servers, it's just hands down the better platform. and when you consider the excessive costs for two systems, accessories, games, HDMI cables, HDTVs, expensive PC really isn't so expensive by comparison.

V0LT3785d ago

It took you a few hours? LOL! Sorry, WSAD blows away any controller any day.

SonyRulz3785d ago

My anolog stick takes ONE THUMB...while YOUR method requires 3 FINGERS. I guess you failed basic math, huh?

phosphor1123785d ago

According to your "logic" less = more right? Like 1 mouse button compared to 2?

The functionality of an RTS on a computer vs one on console? Halo Wars anyone?

My keyboard may not have rumble like a controller, but it has proven, for over 20 years, that it is can conform to any gaming situation. While controllers on the other hand, are still being optimized.

Boom3785d ago

Well said phosphor.

Long live WSAD.

majorsuave3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Hours to figure how to setup a game? on a C2D with a 8600GT?

either UBI did a crap job with this game or your PC setup was built/configured by a crap tech.

Oh... 3 fingers too much to sync to work together on a keyboard?
What's next?

evrfighter3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

lol wow...even console fps gamers have enough sense to not try and say a controller is better than a mouse/keyboard.

Don't know how old you are but if you want to move up to the next level of fps gaming and wanna join the bigs. Your gonna need a pc. cod4 frag movie cs frag movie

just a couple of movies my cs/cod buddies have shown me. btw im leaning towards the idea that some really crappy tech put his pc together. That or he thinks an 8600 is going to give him insane resolutions at max graphics.

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PotNoodle3785d ago

PC gaming will never die, it just won't see as much love as platforms specifically made for gaming.

Mr Face Creamer3785d ago

Its only pathetic 360/PS3 fanboys... Its PCs that have made games what they are today, people think since loads of pirates get PC games for free, but its when in fact that PC developers actually port the 360 version for very little money and they end up shipping 2 million copies and selling a million or more of the.

Its only console idiots who know nothing about hardware, is it really that hard for some people? Everything is supposed to work out-of-the-box for you?

Assemble a monster for a 1000$ and enjoy games for the next 10 years and also enjoy the the many other features a PC offers... Can a console download anything? Have a chatting service? Use 3D apps and encode crunching power on 4 processors of pure 2.4GHz on each.

It actually makes me LOL that a 360/PS3-like PC (no bluray) can be easily made with less than a 100 bucks just play a couple of games at Medium settings while PC gamers enjoy their games on Very High settings.

phosphor1123785d ago

Because both platforms are a lot alike. Free internet, server selection, the ability to customize almost everything on it and even (some) functionality for mouse and keyboard. I go to my PS3 when my PC can't handle the graphics and such of newer games.

bviperz3784d ago

is I look forward to the day PC gamers and console gamers can do battle online. Then we will see what's up. Seriously.

evrfighter3784d ago

that would seriously blow. we wouldn't even be able to get a proper warmup or scrim with console gamers. It'd get to the point where we'd have to start kicking them.

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