PS4 and Xbox 720 To Be Shaped By The Wii?

"What if Sony and Microsoft decide to produce a new generation of consoles that have little or no graphical improvement than the current generations? What if they opt rather to explore new input devices?"

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KionicWarlord2223792d ago

thats a good "what if" . i dont know if the console shpae would make a different when its being sold.

PS3istheshit3792d ago

they could still keeping making great ps3 games with a massive 50 GB blu ray disc so they could keep improving
and a wii- like playstation bcuz ps3 is powerful enough and too much power is just too much
ps3 hasnt even been used at full power and the games are unbelievable so frankly im a little scared for my ba11s
so they would be able to put to systems out at the same time like they do now with ps2
ps3 would be just like it is now making games for every1 and ps4 could be for casual gamers
but ps3 already has all types of gamers with ratchet and clank - god of war so ther would be no point making a casual one
right now we jus have to wait
but the casual system could be the playstation cloud
and if you guys say anything greasy about my comment then Imma Hav To Cut Yo Ba11s Mang

creatchee3792d ago

I didn't understand what you said at all! :)

I really hope that "wii" don't enter into this type of console future. If so, then we won't be making as much progress as we've seen in the last 3 generations (in terms of innovative gameplay - not just graphics). To make a PS3.5 and an Xbox 540 would be a disservice to not only hardcore gamers but to developers as well.

Maddens Raiders3792d ago

the PlayStation® 4 , 720, and Nintendo _____, will be shaped by the PS3.

SaiyanFury3791d ago

Sony might take a page from Nintendo and introduce a motion device, but I seriously doubt they'd base a new console on old hardware. They've not done it before, and I don't see why they'd do it in the future. The PS3 is the natural evolution for those of us that enjoyed their previous outings, and I seriously doubt they would go the route of Nintendo, which re-releases hardware in new forms. The GBA is basically a portable SNES. The DS is a portable N64. The Wii is basically a GameCube with a motion controller with updated hardware. It's CPU is directly based on the GC, and the ATI Hollywood GPU is also derived from the GC. I seriously doubt that the PS4 will be based on PS3 tech. Maybe the CPU, but that would be the only basis.

HardcoreGamer3791d ago

this is rediculous everybody knows if the wii was priced high it would of flopped ages ago.

imagine if sony or ms put out a shoddy spec system with some controls obviously complimenting the generation technology at a low price i definetly would buy it but wouldnt have high hopes,

at the end of the day it would be weak. look how nintendo is killing their gamers with shovelware im not being mean but i hate what they are doing.

SinnedNogara3791d ago

If graphics and tech in systems become even more advanced, game prices will rise dangerously high. Just imagine 80 dollar games.

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Kamikaze1353792d ago

Graphics are fine the way they are. As long as we keep getting great games, I'll be fine =D

TheAntiFanboy3791d ago

How does anyone disagree with this?

killajd3792d ago

The 3d generation starts with the next round of consoles for sure.

reincarnated3792d ago

sony and ms are graphic's whores. i doubt this will happen. lmaoo

jlemdon3791d ago

your right, that's why I really think they need to make each system with a RAM slot. Remember when N64 and Saturn had one, this would be a good way to keep the system going after the being graphically outdated.:)

Parapraxis3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Nintendo has decided to go their own way. MS & Sony continue in the direction they are heading.
I sincerely hope that the next iteratrions on consoles from the HD side of gaming do not follow in the trends of Nintendo, although looking at how profitable it has been for Nintendo it would not be suprising if one of those companies heavily pursued in Nintendo's footsteps.

raztad3792d ago

Well I'm sure Sony and MS are more conscious about real gamers than Nintendo. PS3 is already very powerful and I expect the PS4 to be very similar to the PS3 in terms of the arch. Probably new alternative ways to interact with the console will be implemented, but to me is way too early to discuss this, the PS3 has yet to walk a looong walk.

ChickeyCantor3792d ago

even if it goes PS3.5 and 360.5, they are still "hd" systems.

raztad3792d ago


That is right. As I see it, both Sony and MS dont need to wait for the next gen to produce casual games or add-ons aimed to the casual market. Look at Singstar, Guitar Hero, Buzz, etc. First of all Sony needs to lower the entry price, and both Sony and MS need to strength their casual games lineup.

Anon19743791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

I think it's hard to have to eat billion dollar losses with the Xbox and stare down the very real prospect that the 360 might never break even before the end and not take note of the Wii's success. Shane Kim said last year that who knows what the future Xbox would look like. He started talking about some sort of cheaper, digital distribution hub. The thought of a Microsoft Wii sends chills down my spine. The last thing I want as a gamer is another Wii. What I want is balls out HD gaming beast! With reliable hardware. And I want to be able to buy games and sell games that I own, or lend them to friends when I'm done.

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