OMGNintendo Review: Art Style: Aquia

OMGNintendo writes:

"Art Style: Aquia (or Aquario/Azurio, as it's known in Japan and Europe), though not a platformer or action game like the above examples, captures that same sense of aquatic anxiety, that dizzy madness you see in a deep sea diver's eyes, through the bronze gate of his rusty helmet, as he realizes that his air line has been cut, and that he has descended much too far to be saved. That is the kind of puzzle game one must expect, when giving Nintendo 500 Points for this DSiWare download.

Aquia is the first of developer Skip Ltd.'s (Chibi-Robo, bit Generations) unique DSiWare puzzlers to appear in the States, and while it is not as strong as some of the studio's Art Style releases in Japan like PiCOPiCT and HacoLife, it's still a top-shelf title for the new digital download platform. It's also the most replayable and content-packed game out of all the DSiWare launch titles."

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