Ace Combat Announced for 360, not yet Announced for PS3.

Original IGN article: There's no word in Famitsu on a PS3 version, so for now, we're going to assume this is a 360 exclusive.

As if yesterday's news of Devil May Cry's defection from the Sony exclusivity camp didn't put enough mega in the ton, word has reached us of another big PlayStation franchise that's making its way to the 360. This week's Famitsu is home to first details and screens for Ace Combat 6. That's right, following Ridge Racer 6's 360 debut back in 2005, Bandai Namco has decided to bring another "6" to the 360. Will Tekken be next?

The full name of this latest entry in Japan's most popular console flight game is Ace Combat 6: Kaiho e no Senbi. Ace Combat 04 director Hiroyuki Ichiyanagi is serving as the game's producer, with Ace Combat 04 planner and Ace Combat 5 main planner Natsuki Isaki taking on directorial responsibilities.

Outside of the obvious improvement in visual quality that one would expect from the jump into the next generation, Ace Combat 6 will feature a few new gameplay systems. The biggest new inclusion appears to be the Dynamic Mission system, which allows for dynamically changing, large scale battles. During missions, you fight along side a number of ally pilots and squads whom you can send them off to perform separate tasks. Success in some of these mini-missions may be required in order to clear a stage, but this isn't always the case. As you clear tasks, new ones will present themselves, expanding the battle in new ways. The game supports up to six tasks simultaneously.

Also on tap for Ace Combat 6 are some options for the beginner pilots out there. The game includes options for a simplified control scheme, as well as settings that keep you flying even if you manage to crash your plane into the ground.

Xbox Live support will also play a big part in the game -- not surprising, considering how great the online play in Ridge Racer 6 turned out. We can look forward to online battle royal and team battle. Or, if everyone is feeling friendly, a cooperative play option lets all human players group together to take on a powerful enemy force. We don't have specifics just yet on how many players the game will support simultaneously.

Bandai Namco is also including a ranking mode, and even has plans for downloads. The downloads will actually be kicking off well before the game's release. On Friday, the marketplace will take delivery of themes and icons, which we'd suggest you download immediately to show off your excitement of more "6" games coming to the Xbox 360.

Ace Combat 6 hits the Japanese Xbox 360 later this year. There's no word in Famitsu on a PS3 version, so for now, we're going to assume this is a 360 exclusive.

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ASSASSYN 36o4760d ago

Wow this same time last year I was in forums talking about how over-g fighters was 360`s Ace Comabat ans. Well lookie right her! (country accent). Time to fly again. Ace Combat style.

kingboy4760d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Ace Combat 6 + Sixaxis controller + FREE ONLINE play=Better product & flight experience

BIadestarX4759d ago

Ace Combat 6 + XBox live + force feeback = Better product & flight experience.

* Don't even try to imply that sixaxis feels remotely as flying simulation conrols. I most rather them to release a joystiq designed to play airplane games.

Besides it will suck not being able to feel force feedback on an airplaine games. I think it should be a most for this time of games.

DJ4759d ago

Immersion's new FFB technology. I think it's safe to assume they'll have a version of Sixaxis with this tech built-in by the end of the year. Basically that means equal quality and flight experience on both systems. The only difference would be the option of motion controls on PS3.

TheMART4759d ago

1. If this game will come to the PS3
2. If the game will support rumble for the PS3
3. If the game will implement movement sensoring control (properly)

How many games have that implemented on a GOOD way already?
gimmick-alarm! Like with Home and other stuff. Sony's tricks to get attention of losing rumble and having no premium online service.

This game is for 360 for the moment at least. And get on your bare knees that MS doesn't have the major surprises hold back to get the EU launch of the PS3 to be disturbed... MGS4 and Final Fantasy maybe? Anything can happen after DMC4 and this game

MissAubrey4759d ago

of people saying we just wont ever see the Ace Combat or DMC series on 360 see what happens when they think they can predict the future?

XxZxX4759d ago

if it come to PS3, XBOX 360 going to lose exclusive??