Left 4 Dead Used as Training Simulator by Military

[OC]ModShop writes: "If you've ever been to Idaho, you'll agree with me that's it's a nice place to visit. They have more potatoes than anyone else really cares to brag about. But there's something else there just behind the thin veil of potato chips and skinheads. There is a group of people living on a twenty-acre tract of land nestled in the hills just outside of Mountain Home, Idaho. They claim to be the last line of defense against a force so great that most of the world shudders at the very thought of its existence."

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Blaze9293794d ago

becuase the day zombies attack, we can count on the US Military to be well prepared!

KionicWarlord2223794d ago

you know l4d has train us well.

Tony P3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Title way misleading.

It's not the US Military at all, but a militant group called NecroResistance started by a private citizen.

“It occured to me from the plots of government tampering with genetics and all the different viruses we have created, that one day reanimating the dead is entirely possible. Not only possible, but probable.”

Fun is fun but...this guy doesn't sound wrapped too tight... Or maybe I get suspicious when private citizens start building their own armies for w/e reason.

doshey3794d ago

It's not the US Military at all, but a militant group called NecroResistance started by a private citizen.

so your saying there a group of crazy people in Mountain Home that are doing this

spandexxking3794d ago

april fools! oh wait what?

Hip Hop Shamer3794d ago

why dont they use a more realistic game? like cod4 or r6v2 or sumthin but l4d oh god we're in trouble

Tony P3794d ago


No...I'm saying a group of people based "just outside of Mountain Home, Idaho" with no overt gov't backing...

"NecroResistance is not a government-owned operation, nor is it publicly funded like other organizations. We have a cause, and we tend to see it through."

source: http://www.necroresistance....

...has nothing to do with the US Military. Seriously, read the article.

FantasyStar3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

CoD4 and RSV62 are anything but "realistic". An Arcade shooter better defines these two games. If there's any game to recommend for training soldiers. It would be America's Army, ArmA, or Operation Flashpoint. I'd even toss in the old Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six games on PC and PS2. However no console shooter this-gen can even claim the title "realism simulator".

doshey3793d ago

well great now i have to deal with crazy ass 2 hours away from me trying to get ready for a zombie attack

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Goldenarmz3794d ago

this a joke? like...really?....seriously?.. no really?

GameOn3794d ago

At this point, everybody knows the procedure for when the dead start walking.

GameOn3794d ago

errr, no. You destroy their brain yeh. jees

cactuschef3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Jump off a bridge?

Awookie3794d ago

Sweet now i can say i have a military training background on my resume.

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The story is too old to be commented.