AppGamer Review: Freeballin

AP writes: "Pinball machines are a dying breed. Time was you could walk into an arcade and find rows and rows of them all lined up proudly flashing their lights and emitting the most bizarre of sound effects. Like peacocks these flashy and gaudy displays were designed to attract suitors that would inevitably pump coin after coin into the machine, desperate to take top honours on the score bored. Today you will be hard pressed to find a single pinball machine amongst the gigantic pods housing light guns, mechanical bulls and plastic racing cars. Perhaps, if you're lucky, you will find an old Terminator 2 pinball table tucked away in some dusty corner, half of its lights long since extinguished but that 90s magic is still there. Starting to feel nostalgic? Well good news folks because IUGO have just released a new pinball game for the iPhone and it's not half bad."

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