Final Fantasy XI Square Enix Security Tokens available April 7

News has surfaced on the Square Enix authenticator tokens that keep Final Fantasy XI accounts secure. The company has announced that they will make available their security tokens on Tuesday, April 7th in Japan, North America and Europe. The tokens cost $9.99 and will be available for purchase through the PlayOnline viewer.

Additionally, if you opt to pick up a token, you'll get a special in-game bonus item called "The Mog Satchel" which grants additional inventory space equal to a character's Gobbiebag limit, potentially up to 60 slots.

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Gun_Senshi3788d ago

Then I quit, after a long time I went back (When WoG got out, I quit when CoP came out).

The game status is now horrible. You fart money and everything is so damn cheap. Since I was unable to recover due to long time I made a new character, At lvl 40 I had enough money for both Brown Belt (350k) and O-Kotes (750k). All from Farming NPC stuff. I had even Destroyers on my 1st level 50 job.

But, appart from economy, the game balance is horrible. Since Aht Urgat, its all about bash bash mash. Skillchain? Whats that sometimes to eat? Magic Burst, Huh?

Not even WHM nowdays finds a group! In Aht Urgat Area you can get chain 100+ and making leveling so easy, you can get lvl 75 in weeks.

Best Mage is RDM, Its used for everything, screw BLM or WHM!

Best Damage Dealer is SAM by far. Not only you now have Hasso, but also Sekkanoki. Thats makes all your WS cost 100 TP only, thus make solo SCing without the use of 2hr. Its better then most classes 2hr FFS!

For SAM whats broken, most WS DMG come from current TP. Buy a Hagun for 3mil from AH that makes your WS effect to x2 the TP (TP Bonus) and you'll be pumping damage no one can ever touch. Now add Sekkanoki and SC with Hagun, you got damage that not even BLM or DRK or RNG, NO ONE can reach.

Also for SAM, it now has Seigan. Not only you have heavy armor! But you have Seigan + 3rd Eye, that makes it good nearly as Utsumetu. Not only top Damage Dealer, but 2nd best tank! Better then Warrior!!!


a DRK with God Gear and Relic Weapon cannot reach the damage of SAM with AH gear and has zero survivbility, unless you count kraken club + 2hr and souleater for kirin ganking

a MNK with God Gear cannot reach the damage of SAM with AH gear

DRG...even against freaking Birds SAM outdamages him!

RNG..Ah ranger..the most expensive job. By right you should do damage as much as you toss money right? WRONG! Ranger, even equipped with best weapons and armor is the lowest tier damage dealer! Lower then DRG!! WTF!!

RufustheSage3788d ago

60 additional slots. . . .damn I may have to get this at some point in time.

Nevers3771d ago

matches what your gobbie-bag's capacity already is unlocked to for every character on the account that the key is linkt to... I woulda paid more for that.

...and lol Gun_Senshi !!!

I read your review and what I read in-between the lines was your burnin' yearning to come back to the fold. You'll never be free... you'll always hear that music as a distant echo calling you back like a siren.

/em eats a cookie.