MLB 09 The Show Simulates 2009 Season

MLB 09: The Show is marketed as the "most realistic baseball game" available today, but how realistic is it when compared to the real MLB season? While there is no way of knowing that until the real season is over, I used the most current rosters that are available online and simulated the MLB season on default settings to see what "the most realistic game" has to say about the '09 season, which just so happens to start this Sunday,

So, here is a quick rundown of what The Show predicts will happen during the '09 season.

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SacT0wnF1n3st5293d ago

I love this game. My RTTS player just signed for 6 years/95 mil hehe...

BBsin5293d ago (Edited 5293d ago )

Horrible predictions. Carlos Pena as MVP? Percival as closer of the year? Carlos Pena isn't even the best hitter on his own team, likewise for Percival. MLB09 is the best baseball game out (by far), but they're overrating the Rays.

patterson5293d ago

...anyway, I'm halfway through my Twins franchise season; got 3 of my players to the All-Star game. Leading AL Central by 5 games. Can't wait till the post season! Just gotta hang in there.

Personally I think this game lives up to the hype. I'm having a blast with it and the thing that actually makes it so much better than last year is the Sounds of the Show. It makes the games feel more real to me. I've edited everyone's walkup and home run music to their real life counterparts. Very cool feature :)

rockleex5293d ago

Make a football game! >_<

I would play The Show, but I don't play much baseball, nor do I watch the games. So I don't understand much about it.

But if Sony put this much effort into a football game(not soccer), I would DEFINITELY buy it day one! ^_^

Lifendz5293d ago

If you're talking AMerican Football. It didn't work out so well.

mugoldeneagle035293d ago

Were and are great titles.

What excites me is Sony's new Gretzky NHL title. I haven't heard anything on it in a long while, but it'll be interesting to see how it stacks up against NHL 09 - which is the best Hockey game I've ever played.

I'll gladly give them a chance at other sports though, just not the NBA. That needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.


Feature: Toughest Platinum PS3 trophies

BANGBANGTECH wrote; If you're thriving for a gaming challenge there are a few PS3 platinum trophies to collect which might have you pulling your hair out long before you are done…

Trophy support was added in a PS3 firmware update (2.40) in July 2008 and since the start of 2009 they have been compulsory in all full length PS3 releases. Whilst some players are driven by the thought of hoarding trophies, others are content to use them as a way of tracking accomplishments on a bronze, silver, gold and platinum scale.

On many occasions, even after beating the last boss in a game you might have only acquired a mere 10% of the trophies.

Most games are designed to be challenging but there there are a few that really standout when it comes to nabbing those elusive platinum trophies.

If you want your monies worth from a game and its platinum reward, you might want to take a look at ...

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Ravage274955d ago

Batman: Arkam Asylum platinum was hard?

andron4955d ago (Edited 4955d ago )

Some had problems with the challenges, so I guess it's a bit individual what people struggle with.

I find trophies that make you finish games in a certain time period highly annoying. Take GTA IV for example, who are going to complete it twice just for a trophy...

Dave13514953d ago (Edited 4953d ago )

They forgot battlfield bad company 1, i have 36 days (864 hours)of playing time and yet to get it

NotSoSilentBob4955d ago

My vote goes to warhawk or Disgaea3 for the simple fact you have to grind so much in both of those games.

unrealgamer584953d ago

warhawk plat isn't hard just time consuming

Pillage054953d ago

I got the Killzone 2 plat. It would be about a 1000 times easier if it weren't for Radec on the hardest difficulty (well not radec but his waves of minions...I still have nightmares about that level. I think I calculated by my deaths before and after that it took me about 200-250 trys to beat the last level on the hardest difficulty and only around 50 for the rest of the game..on all modes) And the online rank trophy. How did GG think that was a good idea?

Also the R2 isn't very hard. Most people just complain about the 10k kills one cause they don't like grinding trophies. I will admit that it is the only trophy I am short (3.5k to go lol) but its only because none of my friends ever played online so I stop playing relatively soon

Sarevok4953d ago

You got skills. I only have 37% of them and I have about...15 days worth of online play(16k kills and 14k deaths)

Studio-YaMi4953d ago

Are worthless!

unless you're just a show-off or think you're cool by getting them,it gives no good reason to get them!

they should have made this worthwhile...I mean like having extra weapons or infinite lives or stuff like that as a trophy bonus...not just : KILLER TROPHY ...ok what can I do with this;KILLER TROPHY ?

and the same goes to XBOX achievements !

Automat4953d ago

games in themselves are pretty worthless! What do you get in real life for finishing a game on hard?


This Week in PlayStation – March 5th

PlayStation LifeStyle: "A common stereotype about gamers is their short attention span. As announcements for new games and hardware come and go it is easy to lose sight of the momentous events that shaped the gaming world. This Week in PlayStation highlights Sony's rich video game heritage which dates back into the 1980's.

Step back in time with us as we put the spotlight on events big and small that have significantly altered the gaming culture."

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ps3gamerkyle4960d ago

This is a weekly feature. Every Friday this will go live.

DaTruth4960d ago

Yeah, staring at a screen for 5 hours straight is the mark of a poor attention span!

Who writes this crap???

DoucheVader4960d ago

@ DaTruth

Yes a screen that is constantly changing images so much so that each game has an epileptic seizure warning. Or in other words, optimized for an attention deficit audience.

DoucheVader4960d ago

Don't forget to thank the editor! :) LOL

T3mpr1x4960d ago

Hard to believe only ten years ago we were just barely coming into the PlayStation 2 era...I was also only 11 years old HAH!


PlayStation Vice-President of Epic Footage Kevin Butler: An Appreciation

TechLand: This post was supposed to be about MAG, the ambitiously-huge 256-player first-person shooter that came out today. But after watching the commercial for it, I realized I first needed to give props to the sardonic genius known as Kevin Butler. Generally, he's the spokesperson you see in all of the PlayStation 3 commercials.

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WildArmed4997d ago

after he got owned in the first ad, no wonder they are giving his FPS position away..

jk :)
We all wuvs you Kevin Butler :)

toaster4997d ago

"Son of a - MAG!"

LOL Kevin Butler is awesome.


Sony finally got on the ball with the advertising,

funny stuff, keep it up