The Godfather II - Exclusive Gameplay Videos

LusoGamer have two exclusive gameplay videos of the upcoming title The Godfather II.

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ryanpmulvey3760d ago

textures are missing, it looks dry. A rental maybe but it's for sure not a gta4 contender.

table3760d ago

these must be 360 gameplay videos.

Why dis3760d ago

PS3 ones would look much better like is all the other games :P

LusoGamer3760d ago

no... its PC gameplay :)

N4Garbage3760d ago

I've had this game since Saturday it has its weird moments but overall is a well thought out game with a great mob feel.

It's worth picking up if you were a fan of the first one.

For all those who are worrying if raiding warehouses and robbing banks are freaking insanely hard as they were in part 1 your gonna be a little disappointed.

Combat is fun and gruesome....the execution with your fists is hilarious.

I love this game tho. I give it 2 thumbs up. :D