Will Microsoft Buy Mortal Kombat Exclusivity? Also The Getaway May Still Be A Reality hiphopgamershow 4/5/09

* Retro Gaming Home Space Coming
* Will Halo Be successful without Bungie?
* Third Party Wii games going next - gen
* Game Review - The Godfather 2
* 1 vs 100 microsoft's answer to home
Enjoy The Show


this video link is broken go to the actual site to see the show sorry for the inconvience

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Spike473787d ago

I'm sure he could've made a much better title.

FlameBaitGod3787d ago

You know y he made that title tho right ?

- Ghost of Sparta -3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

He has to create stupid headlines like this to get attention. Hip Hop Gamer is probably the biggest joke of a website I've seen on N4G and why they're STILL not banned from here is beyond me. They bring nothing worth reading to the table, just trash.

ThatCanadianGuy3787d ago

You should have a picture of HHG as your avatar.

It would suit your screen name nicely.


another week another flaming heap of ghetto trash

xTruthx3787d ago

Did you even watch the video to make that statement about Flaim ? You know Square-Enix is looking into buying Edios? Apparently not, so don't judge other people

Lifendz3787d ago

where they spoof family guy? There's a part where they show a bunch of manatees taking random balls with words written on them to come up with jokes.

Well that's what I envision HHG doing to come up with his stories. Oh and it's funny how on the Warzone everyone blamed the media for hyping 2.7 but no one blamed HHG for contributing to that hype but making statements that 2.7 was "rumored" to have all those features.

ThatCanadianGuy3787d ago

Oh please, i've been on this site for alooong time now and i have never seen anyone post so much made up B.S with outrageous headlines just to get attention.He has no Honor.He will do anything just to get hits

It's not just this one video.It's every sunday.Almost daily now with these made up articles as well. look at these FFS.
Pathetic.And i know you're reading this "HHG" grow a pair of balls and respond.Tell us all why you're so desperate for hits, yeah?

xTruthx3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

I was just saying if you knew y he made that comment bro, relax. You seem to take this too serious. You come at me like if i was defending HHG all the time. If you haven't notice, a lot of journalist have been putting up flame bait titles just to get hits. Did you remember CNN's article ? PS3 is a sinking ship >? No 1 can top that lol and that was from CNN. If you dont like him or hes articles dont click them, cus ur giving him hits. Your actually helping him get what u don't want him to get

Nelson M3787d ago

It's just like the Xbox
An outdated piece of Crap

NOOBKILLA3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

The actual title is "Will Microsoft Buy Mortal Kombat Exclusivity? Also The Getaway May Still Be A Reality hiphopgamershow".

What were you looking at Spike47? I think you missed the question mark. Too many haters on here!!

HHG, Good show!

Jinxstar3787d ago

Why does hiphopgamer never have any answers. All he has is questions. Questions no one really cares about. Stop approving this. It's not news.

morganfell3787d ago

Will we all die in a sea of hhg's ridiculous Question Mark attempts at journalism? Well? Will We? Die? In a sea? Of his attempts? That fail? To be a journalist? Even if he doesn't know what that is?????

original seed3787d ago

The whole thing was boring and full of speculation like always. 64 mins i wish i could have back. Booooooooooring.

7thNightvolley3787d ago


s8anicslayer3787d ago

Another quality post from Hiphopshittalker!

slayorofgods3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

I think spike47 is talking about the fact that Mortal Kombat "yawn" is in hiphopgamers provocative title. Who really cares about Mortal Kombat this generation. MK stopped being cool after the super nintendo days (not to discredit the awesomeness the original MK games were). When Microsoft buys MK exclusivity and no one even notices = bad title by hiphopgamer.

Speed-Racer3787d ago

Dont you all see whats happening. Ppl are finally taking note not to listen to this rubbish. Only 300 and some degrees. its not making headlines anymore...dont visit this propaganda site....and it will eventually pay off with less visits to him.

Ausbo3787d ago

will microsoft buy sony?
Will Microsoft bring halo to the ps3?
Will sony make God of War for the xbox?

Lifendz3786d ago

Potential headlines for next week's show:

Will Sony and Nintendo join forces to compete with MS?
Is Microsoft going to buy Sony?
David Jaffe to create God of War like game for MS?
Xbox Live to be free while Sony looks to charge for PSN?
Bungie making a Halo type game for PS3?
MS to buy Insomniac?

Sheesh. N4G did him a favor by making his title HipHopGamerShow for whatever date. That's what he should do. The crazy headlines really are getting out of hand.

gaffyh3786d ago

I'm just going to ask this in general, hopefully to shut up the haters. I also don't like the fact that he uses flamebait headline, but that's what ALL websites do to get hits. But what if when he releases his video, and posts on N4G, he just writes:

"HipHopGamer Show 4/12/09". And then writes whatever he wants in his story. Would that be enough for all of you guys to STFU? And if it is, present this option to him.

Seriously he has a right to say what he wants, it's actually quite sad that you care about this crap so much and report all of his stories, if you don't like his show, don't watch it. Simple.

Good show though HHG, but I doubt MK will be going exclusive to anyone.

Lifendz3786d ago

"I'm just going to ask this in general, hopefully to shut up the haters. I also don't like the fact that he uses flamebait headline, but that's what ALL websites do to get hits."

What websites do this? Small blogs? What article from any of the big three sites (IGN, Gamespot, 1up) have done that? I go to those sites on a regular basis and I don't recall seeing anything that comes close to "MS to buy Valve" or Mortal Kombat going exclusively to 360.

Playstation Lifestyle was a site that was following the HHG example of sensationalistic and unsubstantiated titles. They changed. They realized that the wild rumors hurt their credibility.

HHG's rumors are not something like Heavy Rain to drop next month. They're always megatons that never happen. And unless someone violates the Terms of Service he's going to have to get used to the "hate" as you call it. He has a right to post these ridiculous headlines just as much as people have a right to mock him for it.

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POSTERBOY343787d ago

another great show by hiphopgamer jus got finish watching it

SoapShoes3787d ago

That microsoft would want to waste their time on this series, I mean who in their first party studios would work on it? The few first parties they have are probably already busy.

Mindboggle3787d ago

Seriously does anyone care about mortal combat anymore

SoapShoes3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

That anyone would care about it. :D The last ones that people cared about were on PS1, I think. Now it's just... DIE ALREADY. lol

Although being a 360 exclusive I'm sure people would be calling it the greatest fighting game ever and how great it is, like they did DOA4.

Trollimite3787d ago

one could have said the same for banjo kazooie

he may be wrong but the statment does have some presedent.

Elven63787d ago

MindBoggle: The 2 million or so that bought MK vs. DC

It would be cool to see a MK 9 exclusivity, I guess, I'm sure Midway could use the cash.

Godmars2903787d ago

Only if the MK devs could make a title worth being exclusive. That pushed the limits of the console that it was on.

When has an MK title *ever* done that?

Elven63787d ago

MK: A was pretty good and feature rich, not sure how you would want a fighting game to push a console. 60 FPS in a fighting game on the Unreal Engine 3 is a pretty big feat mind you.

Godmars2903787d ago

For MK to make the change from multi to exclusive, especially when Midway were curring them out once a year at one point, it would have to be something spectacular. Otherwise you're just alienating half of your fan base by putting it out on only one system. Cutting already dwindling profits in half as well.

And if MKvDC couldn't save Midway, I don't know what good the next MK would do MS if they had it all to themselves.

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Raoh3787d ago

Easy, Square Enix is buying Eidos.. with it comes tomb raider and mortal kombat

FlipFlopGamegeek3787d ago

Mortal Kombat is owned by Midway dawg!

Yeeeaaaahh Booooyyyyeeee!!!