Playstation Controller Cufflinks look sharp, cost sharp

The Playstation controller cufflinks are just another great way for the gaming enthusiast to take the show on the road.

Just like the Wiimote cuffs, these babies run $150 for the set.

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snookerman3792d ago

No thanks i will keep my cash for something else

Hallucinate3792d ago

cufflinks? wtf is a cufflink

DMasta7183792d ago

A cufflink fastens the cuffs on a dress shirt, if it has no buttons. Basically fashionable buttons.

ThanatosDMC3792d ago

Those things you wear when you dress up in tuxedos. Good thing Al's Formal Wear has tuxs for $50... back in high school, i hated how much i threw away money on formals.

For those that are still in high school, dont rent a limo. It's a waste of money!

PirateThom3792d ago

It's not even just tuxedo shirts.

Half my shirts need cufflinks, I just have a very simple pair though. PlayStation controllers are too extravagent, really.

ThanatosDMC3791d ago

You can sue them cuz it doesnt vibrate! HAHAHAHAH!

Freakwave0033792d ago

lmao, imagine wearing that to prom.

nightelfmohawk3792d ago

...and "Chad Warden" engraved on them too. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.