ToysRus Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off Sale is having a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale on Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo Wii games!

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Gamer60563790d ago

At least its better than Game Stop

OhReginald3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

you have to look at the small things toys r us is trying to do to the customers...

take a look..they are having separate sales...a free shipping sale AND a buy one get one half off...

meaning if you do purchase 2 of the SELECT ps3 games they still have to pay shipping..which is like 5.48 per game...which also sucks cause theres a LOT of good games they dont include in their sale.

Myst3789d ago

Hmm the list of games for Wii and PS3 isn't that impressive if you already have the games worth getting (In my opinion). Find it funny though Hannah Montana for Wii being promoted over the other two consoles though :p

Bubble Buddy3789d ago

My Toys R Us are more BSers that EB when they have these sales. THey hide all the good games like Gears, Killzone 2, COD, etc. and put out all the bad ones saying they're "sold out" when they magically appear again the day after the promotion ends. >.>

Contrabandz063789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

to "BubbleBuddy", are you retarded? Im actually a DS at my TRU for electronics (rzone). Games sell out, it happens with sales...its how a business works. All TRU's get game deliveries everyday monday-friday, which is why games will "appear" the next day.For sales like this we arent sent mass quantities of the games listed, its limited quantities because these ads are made sometimes MONTHS in advance, and they take an AVERAGE of the inventory of all the stores if they are made sooner. And saying theyre "hiding" the games is hilarious. I guess youre trying to say they are keeping them for themselves? If you worked theyre and wanted to take advantage of the sale wouldnt you do the same?, put your copy aside? duh.

Bubble Buddy3789d ago

No one goes to the Toys "R" Us where I go. It's literally empty everyday and every time I check their game section they're always full to the brim with games. Unless it's a weird coincidence or I'm right, the good ones are gone on the day on the sale and after the sale they all come back. I'm saying that they're tricking the customers to go to their store to buy useless shovelware. It's possible that employees keep their copy reserved but as I said before they all magically appear the next day on the shelves. And I checked this 50% deal a few months ago where it showed Ratchet on the flyer, and some others I forgot but when my friend and I went all they had were horrible games that were already overpriced. The items might be limited, but shouldn't there be at least one since I went in the morning right when it opens last time?

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