Sony Praised for replacing 'Escapism' with 'Creationism'

Following on from the most recent review of Three Speech's event over at 3Rooms, here's another piece put together by Ben Fernaux (

Last Tuesday I went on a LittleBigAdventure.

It's been a very long time since I had such faith in a failing product. Up until GDC'07 it was very hard for me to find a reason to want a PS3, yet more than anything I wanted to want one. At the best of times in the last two years the Sony PlayStation PR division has been tying themselves in knots. The lawsuit with Immersion left Sony battered and looking for ways to lick their wounds. Whether SIXAXIS was a by-product of a creative team frantically looking for ways to innovate or not, it's here to stay. Steep prices, modified hardware, contradicting messages and launch shootings aside, things got off to a very bad start for the PS3.

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WTF5252d ago

Creationism now thats a big word for a company that is a follower(Sony) not a leader(Wii controller and 360 Live).I haven't seen the "creationism" except for Little Big Planet.

WTF5252d ago

Maybe HOME will do the trick,lets wait and see.If they suceed good for them,competition is what this industry needs.

WTF5252d ago (Edited 5252d ago )

Sorry,I did a double post.Impressive from 5 bubbles to 4 in less than 2 minute AMAZING!!,maybe they didn't like my comment,I though this site you can say what you mean (without insulting) but maybe not.

techie5251d ago

It's creationism for the consumer. So comparing to the company "copying" has nothing to do with this reporters statement

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