Platinum Games unconcerned with creating niche games

Hideki Kamiya, director of the upcoming Bayonetta, has revealed they aren't concerned about the possible pitfalls of developing niche titles. Kamiya slated Bayonetta as yet another niche title. The game will be "sadistically hard", and it also features a female protagonist, which Kamiya admits "it really is hard to connect a female character with hardcore battle action". This is all piled on top of the fact that the market is favoring sequels as opposed to original games, Kamiya explains.

Despite that, the studio isn't worried about sales numbers. "We are totally dedicated to making one thing – Fun games", Kamiya insisted.

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swiftshot933793d ago

This development team is much too talented to be working on Wii games, cut the crap and make more 360/PS3 games please.

And yes I have a Wii, but Madworld HD>Madworld....Wii...

Seferoth753793d ago

What does that even have to do with what is being said? Not only is it off topic but totally pointless. Madworld HD= Still black and white = still not mainstream. Oh but please tell me how many black and white PS3 games or 360 games are million sellers? BTW trolling is for the open zone.

N4g_null3793d ago

Seriously I'd rather see what these guys could do on a PC than an HD console. Yet the Wii is a pretty good place to put a game right now.

HD market wants sequels, not new IPs the sales show this.

Bayonetta will prove if they will continue to make games for the HD consoles since making that game had to cost way more than making Mad world. After a few months I'm sure they will return to the sales charts and see there are hardcore gamers on the Wii that want the game.

Yet I'm really curious as too why hardly any HD guys are hyping this game. Seriously guys you have to tell the HD gamers about this game!

erathaol3793d ago

Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Bioshock, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Dead Rising and other new IP's have sold impressively well. The market does want new experiences. Just sometimes people would like to further experience certain games, so they openly welcome a sequel.

lowcarb3793d ago

It's affordable, my kids love it, and for the 1st time I'm actually glad to see all the consoles doing well.

onijutsu3793d ago

i gave you an agree only because you said platinum games ftw.

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shadowfox3793d ago

Creator of Devil May Cry? Why have any concerns with that track record?

lloyd_wonder3793d ago

Hopefully, it'll be good enough to stand out on its own. Not relying on the safety cushion that are sequels.

Pheonix033793d ago

It's when developers aren't concerned with money when they don't utilizing gimmicks or sequels. This is when true originality comes out. Glad there's developers like PlatinumGames and Vannilaware around.

erathaol3793d ago

The female character does matter though. Since sexy ladies can sell video games. I'm a interested in how Bayonetta will be sadistically hard and fun.

SinnedNogara3793d ago

I know!! I am just as hyped to play Bayonetta as you are.

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The story is too old to be commented.