The Crystal Bearers to be 'Open World', have Waggle

Square Enix has revealed that the latest game in the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles series is to have 'open world gameplay' and 'movement-based controls'.

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ChickeyCantor3789d ago

Open world sounds great as long there is a one liner storyline.

N4g_null3789d ago

Open world = RPGs it's always been that way. If this has motion+ then it will not be waggle.

theusedfake3789d ago

after watching the trailer, this is definitely
the first time I've been excited for a Crystal
Chronicles title. crossing my fingers for a
decent story.

SinnedNogara3789d ago

I didn't see the trailer yet, but I saw some screenshots, and I am now interested in the game. I hope they fix the graphics, though, they look like Kingdom Hearts.

Still looks like a very good game.