New Line Grabs Gears Movie Rights

Variety is reporting that New Line Cinema snagged the feature rights to Gears of War and that Stuart Beattie will be writing the script with Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey producing.

The rights went up for auction with a 21-page treatment by Beattie, best known for his script work on Collateral and Derailed.

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Ru4765d ago (Edited 4765d ago )

I laughed when I Thought that new line might only support Blu ray! That woulda been funny In that "kinda really Stupid Way"
It only makes sense that a movie based on a exclusive game stay exclusive to the company and its supporters!
Besides that stuff, Games like Gears, Condemned and Alen Wake etc. etc. are starting to replace movies for me....With there stunning graphics, Great story telling, consuming story lines and unbelievable voice over work....Who needs to watch a movie when you can play one!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4765d ago

Games replaced movies for me when Half life came out.

socalr64765d ago

And that is why most TV programing is geared towards women. Guys rather play next gen games.

chitown4765d ago

most men would rather play real sports than sit in their but and play vidoegames all day jk lol

ArmrdChaos4765d ago (Edited 4765d ago )

Who the hell do you get to play Marcus?

Or Cole for that

JasonXE4765d ago

when i saw transporter 2, I thought the main actor could play marcus. Cole could be Wesley Snipes, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L Jackson, Desenl Washigtion.... hmmm

Rasputin20114764d ago

Marcus- Jason Stratham(The Transporter)
Cole- Bobby Lashley(WWE/ECW)
Baird-Ryan Reynolds(Blade/Van Wilder)
Dom- Shawn Merriman(NFL)

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