Microsoft to pull a PS3, place motion sensors in Xbox 360 pad?

In a recent episode of Gamertag radio, Peter Moore speaks out about the increasing complexity of video game controllers, comparing today's gamepads to the simplicity of the Atari 2600's button-and-stick joystick. He didn't exclude the Xbox 360 controller's design from criticism, mentioning that his 14-year old daughter found the controller somewhat confusing. Naturally, there was a point to his self-criticism; later on in the podcast he says that Microsoft is "doing a lot of stuff there. Nothing that we're ready to talk about, and we're not going to force anything that is not going to be intuitive and innovative."

achira6535d ago

i know what they will do, a "new" motion sensing controller, ohhh, how original.

RealDoubleJ6535d ago

it makes for good business sense. The two other consoles are going to be using motion, if it took off to an extent that developers would be applying it to all their games then the 360 would be excluded from third party games for not adapting. I personally don't think motion would be that big a deal, the WarHawk demonstration made my wrists ache just looking at it, but any company should be thinking of implementing it just in case rather than writing it off from the start.

Droidbro6535d ago

Didnt PS3 do the exact same thing. If xbox360 gets motion sensing, thats just less exclusives sony and nintendo could get. so pull your head out sonys ass.

TheMART6534d ago

MS had motion already years ago in it's controller for PC. People only saw it as a gimmick. Even if they would release something like that a minority would use it

OutLaw6535d ago

It doesn't mean it is going to happen. If this catches on they will do it. But I don't see them being to concern with the motion sensor technology.

Lucidmantra6535d ago

Bill Gates has stated he is not sure that it adds a compelling reason to changge joysticks at this point. I like to be able to turn around for my drink with my joystick in my hand or drop it in my lap to take a drink.

Nodoze6535d ago

I think that people are reading into this article and coming up with motion sensing, but that is not the case. Moore is hinting at a simplified arcade controller, which would make sense. When both Gates and Moore have publicly chastized the motion sensing as a 'been there done that' technology I sincerely doubt they are going to incorporate this into a new controller. On the other hand, a wireless 'old school' controller would be kick azz! Moore now needs to post some new content on arcade otherwise this is a moot point!

Schmitty076535d ago

Microsoft will not add motion sensing to their conreollers, that would be dumb. Nodoze bring up a good point about the arcade controller. This could be a possibility. MS and devs are saving all their game releases to compete with Sony and Nintendo this Christmas.

ZeroAlarm6535d ago

My 7 year old cousin was able to get used to the controller quickly with little help from me, and complete the first levbel of GRAW no fuss :s A 14 year old girl ccan't use the controller? Then she's dumb :p

Marriot VP6534d ago

yeah really the controller for the 360 is flawless. Until Wii and PS3 comes out I'm not gonna assume they're any better.

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