Crytek: OnLive will only be possible by 2014

After the skepticism of Sony, Crytek also speaks of OnLive, arguing that such a service would not be possible until 2014 due to technical limitations.

"We have done our research in this area in 2005, and we stopped in 2007 because we had doubts about the economic side of the project. But at the broadband connection was much more expensive, 'said the CEO of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, who then specified: "We have nothing to do with OnLive, let alone to use for testing Crysis.

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Zeus Lee3792d ago

buh-bu-buut Onlive will kill the Ps3

velaxun3792d ago

am i the only one that doesn't really see OnLive getting off the ground at all? I admit, it's possible and it has potential, however the cost over time of using OnLive is just absurd

socomnick3792d ago

The price ? they have yet to release a pricing structure nobody knows what itll cost or if they charge a fee at all, perhaps the sales of the games will be enough to cover any service charge.

Sibs3792d ago

It will be a million buck an hour + forced in game ads every 5 minutes. Even if you are in an epic boss fight, your game will not be paused and you will be forced to watch a 30 second vid of someone drinking a coke.

STK0263792d ago

I'm pretty sure they already confirmed they had plans for both an access fee (think Xbox Live Gold) AND a pay per game fee, meaning you will most likely pay let's say 20$ a month (unlikely to be lower, they have to pay for the computers aswell as the broadband, and the R&D for the technology, among other things) and then pay maybe 5-10$ per game for a set period of time.

Due to the cost involved in making the tech possible and worth your while, you can't really expect OnLive to be cheap service, if somehow they can make money wothout an access fee, that means they'll be renting you games for a very high price point. Don't forgetm this ain't gamefly where they simply buy the games and ship them to you, OnLive has to have the game, powerful computers, quality broadband, research and development costs and even worse, since they'll be running the games off computers, they'll also need to upgrade/change them after a while to still be able to offer "high-end like" performance on newer games.

Why dis3792d ago

You mean kill consoles, the only article I'v seen singling out just one console was about ONlive stealing 360 fans the rest were consoles in general.

STK0263792d ago

I do remember seeing some saying that OnLive meant the death of all console, but I also recall seeing some state that it was the end of the PS3, which I found rather amusing, considering the PS3, compared to the 360, relies much more on it's Sony exclusive titles to attract potential buyers, aswell as Blu-ray, while the 360, although it also has alot of exclusives, relies more on the quality of it's multiplatform titles (multiplatforms including PC this time around). So I really don't see how OnLive, which won't have any 360/PC/Wii exclusive intends to kill the consoles.

Theoneneo813792d ago

please post that in the open zone

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II Necroplasm II3792d ago

This is true. we are not ready for this.

PotNoodle3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Phantom says hi - i know it isn't the same, but it still a device that relies on the internet 100%.

UltimateIdiot9113792d ago

Console Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Console Wars Episode II: Attack of the OnLive

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Redempteur3792d ago

This project just can't work ...

and even if a miracle occurs and it works, the market is just not ready will cost way too much for onlive and for the users and like many others game devices before onlive Needs games on it so far , nothing really ..

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