Spike Review: Pokemon Platinum

It's time for Pokémon trainers to dust off those Pokéballs and head out for another round of adventure in Pokémon Platinum, an enhanced remake of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. Platinum features a handful of revisions, new Pokémon, and an improved online mode, but is it enough to rationalize catching them all again?Platinum's plot is identical to Diamond and Pearl's story, with a few minor alterations. You're still a young trainer out to prove yourself, and along the way some outside organization has evil schemes to use Pokémon to their advantage. Team Galactic is out to find a rare Pokémon that can destroy the region and rebuild it in the image of their leader, and it's up to you to thwart their evil scheme. It's really more about small sub-plots, and the entire premise is shallow. If you're looking for a profound story, or a significantly new tale, you'll be disappointed

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