Must-Have Exclusive Games for Xbox 360

In their latest feature article has posted a list that in their opinion are must haves for Xbox 360 owners.

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Hiruma Youchi3791d ago

could have put tales of vesperia back in the days! not anymore


Leio3791d ago

No Mass effect but Fable = fail

GameOn3791d ago

I really like Mass Effect but Fable 2 is still a great game.

RememberThe3573791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

That might explain it...

Zeus Lee3791d ago

Gears of War 1(also on PC)-AAA,9.5/10.If you can't afford a gaming Pc,then buy a 360 to play this.Period.

Gears of War 2-AA,8.0/10.Garbage multiplayer,solid single-player.

Halo 3-AA,8.5/10.Near flawless online,mediocre single-player.

Fable 2-AA,8.0/10.Co-op wasn't what I expected,everything else felt alright.

Left 4 Dead(also on PC)-A,7.0/10.Repetitive,fun,re petitive,fun.A must-rent tbh.

Braid(coming to PC next week)-AAA,9.0/10.Right up there with Flower and World of Goo.
----------------------------- -------------

That's my list.

mastiffchild3791d ago

I thought the camera in NG2 was just too annoying-ruined the game for me though some didn't mind it and I'm really looking forward to NGS2 for PS3 as a result.

Gears 1 is still the best 360 game, imo, and trumps it's sequel with better online functionality and more convincing storyline. HJalo3 is just Halo. Wasn't as good in SP as it's series precursors but online (and with Forge which is cool)it does shine even if it isn't what I'd choose to play these days for a FPS fix. I really hope ODST makes Halo seem fresh again as the series high quality and accesability deserve a cool rebirth.

L4D is cool but short lived fun(though I wish I hadn't sold mine!)and Fable is just pure drivel for me, can't stand the damn game-it's full of itself just like bloody Molyneux!

Expect Rare to pump out a new PDZ soon and maybe KI3 which would make 360land look brighter for me!

UltraNova3790d ago

Definitely agree with your list but if you removed L4D and replaced it with Mass Effect it would be even better. Not that L4D isnt up there with the rest its just way to repetitive to be on the top 5...

Spike473791d ago

Although I would only be interested in Mass Effect 2 and Gears of War 2.

Obama3791d ago

"Ryu Hayabusa may have defected to the PS3, but his second adventure remains true to the Xbox 360. The second game is bigger and better and features more blood than most war movies. The new weapons, upgrades and updated visuals made Ninja Gaiden II the best game in the series and a welcome addition to the Xbox 360. "

The author should keep up with the news. Ryu Hayabusa defected to the ps3 in his second adventure too XD.

GWAVE3790d ago

Lets not forget the fact that NG2 was certainly NOT the best game in the series. More weapons and enemies? Yeah, but tons of glitches and slowdowns to go along with it, not to mention the terrible camera.

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The story is too old to be commented.