TVGB: Interview / David Gaider, senior writer for Dragon Age: Origins (Part 2)

TVGB writes: "Following up on yesterday's first portion of my brief chat with David Gaider, senior writer for Dragon Age: Origins, we now happily present the sequel… or the second half, whatever you want to call it.

In this part, we talk about what it took to write a game like Dragon Age, where the player can start in one of six different origins, discussing not just the what but also the why. I ask him about his influences in working on the game, and the challenge in trying to get a meaningful, emotional response from a player through a videogame.

Like last time, Gaider is clearly a passionate guy with a lot to say on the subject of his work, so have another cup of tea, and maybe learn a little about the game design process, and certainly a thing or two about the ambitions behind this game".

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